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From Batumi to Mestia and back

By Traveller July 20, 2019

From Batumi to Mestia and back

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By Vaggelis Traveller July 20, 2019

Hello!Could you please tell me if there is bus/mahrutska from Batumi to Mestia during August. If so, do you know the timetable/price and if it is possible to do as a day trip?
Thank you so much..

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Tour operator agency Budget Georgia has daily shared transfer from Batumi to Mestia. Costs 80 GEL per person.
Local July 22, 2019
Hello Vaggelis,

I have no idea if marshutka goes from Batumi to Mestia. But anyway, one day trip is a totally madness. Your day will be just rushed and in the end you'll be tired as hell.
There are too many things to see in even Mestia.
So, my advice is to take 2-3 days and spend unforgettable time there.
Local July 21, 2019
I would not recommend you one day trip, better to spensd 2-3 day in Mestia... Better to rrnt a car with or without driver....
Local July 20, 2019