Can a local lady, company me and show me several bars and pubs ?

By Traveller August 28, 2019

Can a local lady, company me and show me several bars and pubs ?

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By Yigit Traveller August 28, 2019

I am a expat in Tbilisi for business reasons, I can not trust all touristic places. I want to spend a night out at cool bars or pubs of Tbilisi. All drinks and dinner on me. I only speak English.

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Well, I wouldn't call all touristic places of Tbilisi untrustworthy. There really ARE some night bars that will try to fool you because you're not a local and they mostly do it with the girls of the staff. Yep, sounds creepy. some girls will show up to your table and try to talk to you and then to make you buy them a drink. And that's it, they price those drinks extremely expensive. But it only happens in a rather cheap places. Well, I'm not able to offer you my company and I really hope that someone will but if you happen to go alone in the night city, I'd just recommend having a drink in expensive bars/pubs and by that I mean the noticeably good atmosphere, good location and other stuff (it's easy to spot one).

My last advice would be to share this post with a bigger community (since there are not many georgians on this app). You can do it here:
The group members are extremely helpful and other tourists will share their experiences as well. Good luck! I hope you enjoy your time in Tbilisi!!!
Local August 30, 2019
Thanks a lot, I have tried one or two and to be honest nothing bad happened. However as an expat it is obvious that the services to us and locals has a difference. This is a global thing anyhow absolutely not for tbilisi in particular.

Appreciate your answer.