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Battleground shooting range?

By Traveller September 17, 2019

Battleground shooting range?

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By Vladislav Traveller September 17, 2019

Dear friends! Who can help me with information about this place! I like shooting range and I would like to visit this.
Thank you in advance! Maybe I can find another shooting range in Tbilisi?

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The only tactical multi-functional center in Georgia- Battleground is designed to make you fall in love with shooting. It's modern interior, high quality ballistic protection, a nice selection of high end weapons and calibers, supportive qualified instructors and friendly staff are there to create unique experience for you. Safety is taken seriously but it doesn't become a hindrance. Instructors speak English and Russian for your convenience.

It's located on 12a Bochorma st.
Local September 18, 2019
Thank you for support, dear friend! It was nice hour))
It is located on Bochorma st. #12a. (Tbilisi)

Public Transport:
Metro 300 Aragveli Station

You can call them: +995 0322 74 85 11
It has: Street and car parking

5.11 Tactical; Carinthia; Reebok; Glock; Colt; Daniel Defense; HK; Benchmade; Holosun; Safariland Group; Leupold; Smith & Wesson; Otis; Elite Survival Systems; NcStar; Boker; Benchmade;


That is all my research. What specifically you want to know?

Good Luck,

Local September 17, 2019
If you like to try AIRSOFT - real games with pneumatic bullets in the guns, real experiences of shooting games, you can try AIRSOFT ARENA

MOB: +995 558 17 17 02
Thank you Guka, for the useful info! I found them easily after your instruction, it was great experience!!!
You are always welcome dear Vladislav