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Is it nice to visit in November/December?

By Traveller January 7, 2017

Is it nice to visit in November/December?

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By Mackenzie Traveller January 7, 2017

I am hoping to travel to Georgia at the end of this year. I work in tourism and my summers are very busy, so I hope to go in fall/winter. I am scared it will be cold and the streets will be empty, because I know in Canada no one wants to go out at that time of year. What do you locals suggest?

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November would be much more preferrable than Dec. At least you can travel to the wine region and taste some good wine. December is freezing and ugly, unless you want to go ski in the mountains, but even for that, February is better.
Local February 17, 2017
Georgia is a warm country. There are many attractions in every season. In fall you can visit Georgian vineyards and in winter Tbilisi is very comfortable. Also you can ski in mountains and visit national parks
Local January 8, 2017
Georgia is not too cold country. In November and December average temperature is 5-10 degrees. The most popular destination never are empty. So, your trip won't be hopeless :)
Local January 7, 2017
Thanks a lot for the help!
Hello Mackenzie, well, yes it is cold, but not like in Canada, in every season streets are always full )) especially in capital city Tbilisi, I suggest visit Georgia in autumn or spring if you can )))
Local January 7, 2017
Is April/May a nice time?
Yes, April & May will be perfect for Travel to Georgia :)
Nino Local January 7, 2017
yes it is :))), try not to go only in Tbilisi, there is too many beautiful places to see :))
Ekaterina Local January 12, 2017
I work in wine tourism, I am very interested to visit the ancient wine regions of Georgia too!
ohh, nice )) then you are going to visit the country where first produced wine )) mostly in every region we are producing different kind of wine, but first of all you should go in region called Kakheti )) there you can visit factory of Chateau Mukhrani and also there is places where you can try home made wine and not only wine )) you can go for example "Akido"...
Ekaterina Local January 13, 2017
What is Akido?
That is great information! It looks so beautiful!! Thanks a lot.
You are welcome. If you have any other questions dont hesitate to write. Wish you a great trip in Georgia ))
Ekaterina Local February 19, 2017