Need advice !!

By Traveller January 31, 2017

Need advice !!

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By Hagar Traveller January 31, 2017

Hi, i'll visit Georgia in april .. this is my first time to travel .. so any advice about places to go there ?! And where to stay with small budget ?!
PS: i'll be alone and i'l female, so would it be safe and fun ?!

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Hello Hagar,

april is a good ime to visit Georgia - it´s already warm and green in many regions, but not hot at all.
If you´re basing in Tbilisi, you can go on day trips to explore different regions. I definetely recommend Kazbegi - the mountain region to the north of Tbilisi - beautiful landscapes and many sights on the way.
You might also like to visit Signagi in Kakheti, the town of Mtskheta and the Jvari monastery (both near Tbiilisi), the Uplistsikhe cave town and eventually Kutaisi or Vardzia. Though those two are a bit further away, so you might get tired of the long road (3-5h).
All these places can be reached by public transport (mostly from Didube bus station) or you can also check the group tours offered by many agencies.
For a budget accommodation you can try Couchsurfing (though it´s not that popular here unfortunately), Airbnb or Pushkin 10 hostel.

Local Guru January 31, 2017
Thank u so much maria for the useful info :)
Hagar Traveller January 31, 2017
You´re welcome! By the way - it´s very safe in Georgia, you should not worry about safety issues, crime rate is very low. But of course keep an eye on your belonging, as we also have some pickpockets. But going out in the evening is not a problem.
Enjoy your trip!
U just made me take a deep breathe :D
Thanks dear :)
Hagar Traveller January 31, 2017
Hello, I recommend to visit
They have the cheapest tours and accommodation options in Georgia.
Local January 31, 2017
Thanks dear ^_^
Hagar Traveller January 31, 2017
You are welcome ^_^
Giga Local January 31, 2017