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Mestia and Ushguli on April

By Traveller March 1, 2017

Mestia and Ushguli on April

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By Rūta Traveller March 1, 2017

Hello there,
I am planning go to Svaneti for two days from Tbilisi and then come back to Kutaisi. Is it possible to reach Ushguli on April begining by simple car or mini bus? I am worrying if there are lot of snow or mud on the road. But it looks very interesting to see the Unesco wold heritage side Ushguli. What would you recommend ? Maybe should we better go to Kazbegi? We are interested not for hiking but just for visit and relax in the mountains. Thank you !

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Hello Ruta :)
Ushguli is too far from Tbilisi (550 km). Also, there is a bad road in Ushguli. So, you need 13 hours to reach it from Tbilisi. Because of this for one day trip I recommend Kazbegi. Landscapes and churches are awesome out there. Thought I prefer Ushguli, but it's too far from Tbilisi.
Local March 1, 2017
Thank you. I thought we could reach Zugdidi or Kutaisi from Tbilisi. Stay one night there and the next day morning go to Mestia by mini bus. Or just take the overnight train from Tbilisi to Zugdidi. And we could stay in Svaneti for two nights. Would it not be enough?