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Details :)

By Traveller May 8, 2017

Details :)

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By Burak Traveller May 8, 2017

Hello everyone, which location do you recomend to stay in tbilisi ? and how is the alcohol prices ? for example how much will it cost to open a bottle of vodka or whiskey in the night clup ? Also can you please advise avarage jean and t shirt prices there ? Because ı am planning to do shopping. Sorry for if it is too specific and thanks in advance :)

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Best location to stay, for me is Fabrika, it's hostel in old part of the city, with own courtyard, cafes, bars and shops.
Now About prices: it depends on places, but not too expensive. Jeans and t-shirts prices olso depends on brands. Global brands like Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti etc have prices like in other eupean cities.
Local May 8, 2017
Hey Natıa. Thank you for the information :) ı am more interested on small shops doesent have to be a global brand. I am asking everyone to get different opinion. Can you please also advise night clup and price of the alcohols approximately when you are avaliable ? =) also as a location rustavelli good to stay ? Thanks in advance
There are Small shops and some markets also in the city, where u can buy some stuff and for reasonable prices. Rustaveli avenue and nearby streets is the city center and good place to stay. If u like electronic music and underground clubs, u can visit Bassiani, Mtkvarze or Khidi. U can catch there some famous DJs or local residents. Other small clubs u can find on Shardeni street. I don't know all Prices of drinks in the Clubs, but can tell prices of cocktails - from 8-10 GEL to 16-20GEL. Shots of tequila 7-9 GEL.
Hello Burak .Well if you are going to do shopping , better place for this is the East point. There are many shops and brands so you can choose everything according to your budget. So , prices of vodka starts approximately from 30 lari ( well different brands have different Price)
Local Expert May 8, 2017
Hello Mari,

Thank you for your answer :) You mean open a bottle of vodka in night clup is 30 lari ? Also when you have time, if you know can you write a link or suggest a name for me to search ? Thanks :)
Yes, sure. Well as I understand this question is about night clubs. My favorite one is Bassiani night club with electronic music, also there are many other clubs on shardeni street.
thank you for the information :) ı will googel it for sure. Beside Electro any other clubs that plays more commercial ? also is rustavelli good spot to stay ?
Yes, Rustaveli is very good spot. Its the city centre. Also gogle "night office " it was very popular club years ago
Now Bassiani is the most popular one right ?
Bassiani for sure
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Traveller May 18, 2017
Dear Burak, alcohol in Tbilisi is not expensive at all. Please checkout my YouTube channel for more insight. For garments you can either visit mall on Rustaveli Avenue or garments market in Station Square.

Local May 8, 2017
Hello ali ! thank you for your help. I will definitely check your video !