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How to go from Tbilisi to Mestia and from Mestia to Batumi?

By Traveller June 2, 2017

How to go from Tbilisi to Mestia and from Mestia to Batumi?

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By Ahmed Traveller June 2, 2017

In the mid of july i need to go from:
1.Tbilis to Mestia.
2.Mestia to Batumi

How to go? What is th best way?

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from Tbilisi to Mestia, there are multiple options:
1. By airplane from Natakhtari airport (near Tbilisi), you can check tickets here
the only problem is that, for the weather conditions, flight may be cancelled, of course with refunds.
2. By train till Zugdidi and from there by microbus. You can buy train tickets at Tbilisi Central Station.
3. By microbus from Tbilisi to Mestia, but it's too long way and I would recommend first 2 options.

From Mestia to Batumi you can take microbus from Mestia to Zugdidi and from there, another microbus to Batumi
Local June 2, 2017
Thank you so much, there's no flights from Mestia to Batumi?
Does Mestia weather cold during july?
No, there is no flights to Batumo from Mestia.
The weather is not cold in july, approximate temperature is 20-25 daytime. At night it's cooler
Do you recommend going to Mestia or there's a better places since the transportation might be hard. I'm coming dor 2 weeks mainly going to Tbilisi and batumi.
If I rent a car from Mestia to Gerogia,how much will I cost?
Hi Ahmed,

there are flights, but they get suspended quite often, so you should have always a plan b.
Plus there are daily marshrutkas from Batumi and 1 or 2 a week from Tbilisi.
The most comfortable is to go by car, so you can stop everywhere along the picturesque road.


Local Guru June 2, 2017
Hi Maria,
I prefer renting a car but i don't know if i can drive with my Kuwaiti driving licence or i should have international one?
How much and where can i rent car from?

Thank you so much for your help.

I would not recommend drive yourself to Mestia. Between Tbilisi and Batumi It's ok,but everything behind Jvari village is very tricky. You can Google some videos of it. If you feel it's ok, you can drive
Do u recommend any other place to go insted if Mestia?
Hi Maria,

Why do you think it is a bad idea to travel by ourselves there? because of the road? and in winter? because of lights? security? what is the point?
if we do have a 4WD car is it the same?
Hello Ahmed
Depends how many time you have and what you want to do
There is 3 ways to do it
1. fly from Tbilisi to Mestia and then Batumi
2. By public transport what takes much more time
3. Take private driver
Local June 2, 2017
Hello dear,
Thanks for your time.
From tbilisi to Mestia i found VannilaSky but i didn't find any flight from Mestia to Batumi.
Do u know any other company has flights from Mestia to Batumi?

Regards :)
It's only Vanillasky that operates a routes to Mestia