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Im coming to tbilisi!

By Traveller July 7, 2016

Im coming to tbilisi!

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By Zuzu Traveller July 7, 2016

I will be alone.. Im female..will i be safe AND have a good time??

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I think a lot will depend upon on what you want to do and where you go. As a guy I feel very safe here, but I face different issues. From what I can see Georgian men can be a little pushy, but not dangerous. Just very attentive. I think you will have a great time. Show good judgment. If something feels wrong leave. I think Tbilisi is safer than most places I have been for everyone.
Local July 11, 2016
is it easy to get high there bro ?
as easy as anywhere else!
Vilma Traveller October 19, 2017
if u find any answer plz tell me
Nadim Local November 29, 2017
Dear Zazu,

What a great choice of places to go. Tbilisi is a wonderful city to explore, even if you are a solo female traveller. I moved to Tbilisi alone as a female and never had too much many issues.

Enjoy the food, great weather and wonderful people!


Local Ambassador July 7, 2016
Thank u so much Jess. I thought so but feel better hearing it from a local. I am really excited. I will be there for 5 days. Staying in "old town". Maybe we can meet for a drink!
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Local May 31, 2020
Definitly yes, but its always better to have friends in a new city :)
Local December 4, 2019
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Local December 3, 2019
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Local October 18, 2019
Hello , yes Tbilisi in very safe and you with sure will enjoy your trip .
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Local July 20, 2019
Definitely, women are being respected here, just don’t follow everyone who offers you something. :) in other cases you’ll have a great time.
Local June 13, 2019
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Local June 4, 2019
Yes it's safe in Geogia.

Just don't go to Bars and Clubs there, the Tbilisi Bill Scam is rampant.
Yap, happen to me. most bars and club has a different price menu for tourist. I always advise every tourist should just purchase their ticket fro travpon to avoid all the tourist scams. I think all tourist focus countries should also implement a system like Georgia with a tourist market where there is transparency.
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Traveller May 28, 2019
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Local May 25, 2019
Yes Tbilisi is one of the safest cities
Local March 10, 2019
Sure, Georgia is a safe country.
Definitely Yes
Local January 19, 2019
definitly you will <3
Local November 23, 2018
Local September 22, 2018
Yes dear. Don't worry about the safety at all.
Tbilisi is a safe town.
There are many shopping centers, old churches and many great restaurants with great food. Also,tbilsi is known for its nightlife. There are many clubs and bars that you can enjoy going to during nights.
Local July 1, 2018
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Local December 15, 2017
Yes , of course .Tbilisi is very safy city !
Local October 22, 2017
Dear Zuzu,

Welcome to Georgia.
Tbilisi is the safe place, definitely.
You will have a great time, enjoy food, music, opened terraces with great views and wine.

hope you will have the best time here.

Local August 8, 2017
you shall be raped most probably
Local June 25, 2017
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Local March 2, 2017
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Local December 15, 2016
hi .. do you know a friendly gay palces in tibilisi????
Cafe Gallery near Rustaveli avenue
Irina Local August 15, 2017
Yes, it's very safe but men will pay attention to you and invite to drink wine and so on. It depends on you, will you say yes or no )))
Local October 2, 2016
Hello dear Zuzu. Of course it's safe to travel in Georgia,it does not matter are you male,or female.Just don't advise you to travel to the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. There are many policeman patrolling the streets,even at night.Of course, you have to take normal precautions as you would in any new place you're traveling to.
So,come and enjoy with your travelling in Georgia <3
I will meet you my address is old tbilisi kote afxazis street number 40 so this street was last time leselidze see you soon
Local July 7, 2016
Yes, you will be totally safe (just be careful like you would be in any country) and have great time.
Oh yes:) yes is the answer of both questions, Tbilisi is very safy city and you will have fun for sure.
Local July 7, 2016
Hello Dear Zuzu.
Definitely i can say, nowadays Tbilisi one of the safest city in the world :)
I had lot of tourists (girls) on my Tbilisi free walking tour, which traveling in Georgia alone. They told me, traveling in Georgia was so interesting and fun...
Here you will find new friends, Many beautiful places, delicious food and drink, believe you will love Georgia and of course Tbilisi, The City that loves you.

if you wish you can join to our walking tour which is every day at 11:45 AM and 7:00 PM. Meeting point at Freedom Square front of Tourism information center

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After again you can book online free walking tour.
Local July 7, 2016
Thank you... You locals already seem so lovely.. How do i book??

planning to visit in October to see the fall colours and the harvest season ...which is the best time to visit ?

would love walking tours and to stay with a Georgian family
hi contact us if you need tours in Georgia. Best regards David.
Local Expert July 7, 2016