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How can i go Kazbegi from Tbilisi?

By Traveller June 20, 2017

How can i go Kazbegi from Tbilisi?

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By Ahmed Traveller June 20, 2017

Private Tour to Kazbegi from Tbilisi cost and advices?

What other activties can be done in Tbilisi?
During of July

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You have to visit that bar.
It's my favorite place
Local June 21, 2017
Thanks dears cheers x)

I took excursion from Holidays in Georgia. Please have a look at my video uploaded on YouTube.

Local June 21, 2017
Thank u dear
Tbilisi in July is hot, but you can do lot's of things! I know these are labeled "date ideas" but they are just fun things to do in general...
Hi Ahmed,

You can take group tours, you will find cheap tours in Old tbilisi there are so many agency that offers tours :-) I got mine for 60 gel for whole day tour in Kezbegi, but in group tours you will spend not more than 2 hours on top. Better to take privat cars if u have some budget. Its not costly though.

You may want to personalise your tour, you can wats app (+995 595 288 886-Goga) my georgian friend to help you there :-) Highly recommended! :-)
Local June 25, 2017
Thank you so much dear. Is tgat one u got for 60 was private or with group? Is that price includes going to the church in the top?
Yes dear. It is very cheap, and its whole day activity and includes 3 more places that we visited aside from Kezbegi. the 4th place we went to is the Kezbegi Village & You will have to pay 10-15 gel / person for 4x4 wheel going to Gergeti Church. It is separate amount that u have to pay to another driver when u get there in Kezbegi village.

And that is all. :-)

There is City Sight Seeing tours in Meydan Square, opposit of "I love tblisi" sign :-) there they offer affordable tours :-) where I took my tours.
its group tour but it comfortable and the guide is knowledgable :-)
We can organize a tour for you in Tbilisi and Kazbegi considering your interests and requirements.
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Local June 20, 2017
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If you go to Didube (it is a big transportation hub, at metro station Didube), there are all the transport options to Kazbegi. There will be shared marshrutkas (mini buses) for 10 lari. Also shared taxis, or private cars that are a good deal if you have a big group. People will just approach you and try to sell you tours, and you can just say "Kazbegi" and they will set you up! Kazbegi is SO beautiful - don't miss it!
Thank you so much dear for your valuable reply. I need to go to the nice places for locals not for tourists .. in tbilisi or batumi if you can tell me where to go.
you can take private tour in our company . for more details please contact
Local June 20, 2017
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