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Money exchange

By Traveller June 21, 2017

Money exchange

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By Liana Traveller June 21, 2017


I have a question about money exchange . I am traveling from the UAE and I need to exchange dirhams for Georgia.

Which currency would you say is most acceptable in Georgia dollars or lari

Thanks for the help.


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3 answers

Lari is acceptable 100% !!!!! but you can have dollars and exchange there in Georgia as there are so many exchange places which you can find everywhere
Local June 21, 2017
Lari is acceptable.. you can find many exchange on Abano St, T'bilisi, Georgia
Local June 21, 2017
Change your dhs to usd in Uae, like at al ansari exchange, and once u arrived at Tbilisi Airport, u can change a small amount of usd at any exchanges available there.
But I would suggest to change your whole usd pocket money once u get there in old tbilisi.
they have better rates :-) around 2.40gel/Usd
Local June 25, 2017