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How many days to plan for Kakhetia or Svanetia?

By Traveller July 6, 2017

How many days to plan for Kakhetia or Svanetia?

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By Andriy Traveller July 6, 2017

Hello! Planning a trip for beginning of September and wonder how many days to reserve for a trip around Kakahetia from Tbilisi. Mostly interested in nature and wineries and to stay in some picturesque places. Remote areas are great to stay in.
Same about Svanetia but without wineries of course :)

If have ideas as for certain places, you are welcome to share!

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Hello ! Plan a week tour, it will be enough to see Kakheti and Svaneti without rushing out. Contact us at and we will customize the tour for your stay for free, it will be up to your decision take it or not. I would recommend to have a local guide.
Local July 6, 2017
Thanks! Will send you a message today. Have some ideas, so will be interesting to get your view on that.
Great , waiting for your message.
Hi Andriy,

for Svaneti you need at least 2 full days plus flight or driving time. This way you could stay 1 day in Mestia and 1 day in Ushguli.
For Kakheti also about 2 days, if you want to see northern and southern part. But it's also possible to do it in 1 day, as a day trip from Tbilisi.

Якщо виникнуть питання, звертайся!

Local Guru July 6, 2017
:)) Дякую!

Original plan was Tbilisi, Kakahetia, Kazbegi and Svanetia, but now it looks like 10 days I planned may be not enough.
Нема за що!
If you have only 10 days, you can still see all these places. Imagine you need about 1, max. 2 days for Kazbegi. Then 2, max. 3 days for Kakheti (vineyards, David Gareji, Kvareli, Signagi, eventually Pankisi Gorge or Vashlovani national park.
You still have at least 4 days for Svaneti. 1 day to fly there, 1 day to fly (or drive back).
2,5 days in Svaneti - that's at least 1 day in Ushguli and at least 2 treks around Mestia.
One can not always take as much vacation as one wants to, so I would not postpone the plan to visit Georgia, but use this chance. I'm sure you will enjoy the 10 days!)
Sounds like a plan :) Any suggestions for renting a car with a driver for a group of 6-8 people? Ideally for Tbilisi-Kakhetia-Kazbegi part. I still hope for that small air company to get to Svanetia and back.
I know some drivers with minivans, send me a pm with details on your arrival and departure time, please
As a tour guide I I can recommend for khaketi 2 -3 days and for svaneti 4_5 days :)
Local Expert July 6, 2017
Wow! 4-5 days! Need to think it over then