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Travelling to Tbilisi

By Traveller July 9, 2016

Travelling to Tbilisi

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By Mohammed Traveller July 9, 2016

Hi there,
I am solo male travelling to Tbilisi in Aug 2016, is there a place for having sun tan like beaches.??
also as long as I am travelling alone is it gonna be fun for me??

Thank you

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Hey Ali,

Welcome to Georgia. Thera are no good beaches in Tbilisi, we have Tbilisi Sea, but it's not very popular among locals. If you can't leave Tbilisi I suggest you Turtle Lake, where you can't swim a lot but can get a tan and have fun, as there are clubs and restaurants near it.

But if you can leave Tbilisi, you can go to Black Sea Beach. It takes only 4-5 hours to travel from Tbilisi to Black Sea by Car/Minibus. I would suggest to visit Batumi, as it's very very beautiful city and there are a lot of event in Batumi in August. There are private beaches. You can swim, get tan and have a party everyday. Prices are same and maybe even less than in Tbilisi.

Georgia is small country and it's very easy to change locations and visit places all around.

Hope you will have great vacation! You will love Georgia.

Local July 10, 2016
Dear Nikelaas, many thanks for your reply I appreciate it. Now I can travel with full passion thank you once again