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Buying property

By Local August 22, 2017

Buying property

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By Sahar Local August 22, 2017

Hi! Due to my husband's job we will stay in Georgia a few months in a year (tbilisi)
We were thinking of buying a small house, not an apartment. We are concern as we will not be in the country for 5-6 months in a year, and house will be left empty, and unsupervise .
The question : which location in tbilisi is safe that we can leave the house, and not coming back to find it occupied .
Thanks in advance

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You dont have to be afraid of burglary if you lock the door and have an iron door. You must be careful wherever you are planning to go, also crime rate has decreased reasonably last years, so dont be afraid of anything, real estate prices varies from 30-33$ (1 room flat) depends on the suburb. In case of any further questions i ll be happy to help you and satisfy your curiosity
Local August 22, 2017