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Hi, I would like to travel from Tbilisi to Kazbegi (3D2N)

By Traveller August 22, 2017

Hi, I would like to travel from Tbilisi to Kazbegi (3D2N)

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By J Traveller August 22, 2017

Hi, my friends and I (total 4pax) are travelling to Georgia in October. We would like to visit Kazbegi from Tbilisi and would like to stay overnight in Kazbegi for 2nights.

Would it be easy for us to travel on our way via public transport or would it be advisable to use a private driver? We want to visit sites/attractions along the way.

Also, would you have any private driver/guide to recommend? Thank you!

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Contact me +995 571 294 343
Local September 13, 2017
Hi :) you can travel via public transport but they don't stop on the route so you wont see many attractions. bcs of this better for you to rent a driver .Also you are 4 people and can share car price and would be easy.
Have with you warm clothes as in October its mostly cold in Kazbegi.
Local Expert August 22, 2017
Hi Mari,

Thank you!

Can I also ask if you know it'll be easy to find a driver for 3D2N? I've been searching online but I find mostly day trip tours/driver.
J Traveller August 22, 2017
Sure :) I am tour guide and can help you to make this trip , easy , adventerous and memoriable :)


I can recommend you a good and safe driver. PM for more information
Local Guru August 22, 2017
hi maria i wanted more details concerning the kazbegi ride as well
Dina Traveller September 10, 2017