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Is Tbilisi a dog friendly city?

By Traveller September 26, 2017

Is Tbilisi a dog friendly city?

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By Guy Traveller September 26, 2017

I will be moving to Tbilisi in a few months and have two small dogs. They are Shih Tzus and are very socialized and very well potty-trained. My question has two parts:

First, will finding an apartment be difficult and/or super expensive because of my little dogs?

Second, how are dogs tolerated in Tbilisi? Will they be allowed to enter any bars or restaurants, shops or supermarkets with me?

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2 answers

I have not seen pets inside shops, bars and restaurants, but they are allowed in front cafes and beer gardens.
Local September 29, 2017
Hello , of course it is possible. when are you going to visit Georgia?? we can help you to find an appartmant. you can write us private it is our email also .
Local September 28, 2017
Hello Nick. Thank you so much for your answer. We are most certainly going to need help finding an apartment. Our first thought was to find a popular Real Estate company. My first thought was to look at the ads in myhome's website and get an idea of which company has more units for rent. Now I have your email address and within a few months, you will be hearing from me. At that time I will give you more specifics ours needs and budget. Once again thank you!!!
Guy Traveller October 4, 2017