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I intend travelling to Tbilisi in mid of September

By Traveller August 25, 2016

I intend travelling to Tbilisi in mid of September

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By Hala Traveller August 25, 2016

What's the weather looks like in Sept.as I will stay for 8 days?Is there a bus from airport to city center?&what's the bus fees?I didn't decide what hotel to stay at yet,so what's your suggestions for a 3*or 4*? How can I go to Batumi from Tbilisi and how many days enough to stay in Batumi?

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Hello Hala,

Bus 37 costs 50 tetri (app $ 0.2) and will take you straight to the city center. Weather is super in this period of the year until to the end of October.
You can go to Batumi by bus or train. You can order train tickets in advance from this site http://tickets.railway.ge/login.aspx?lang=en-US. If you like sea resort, you can stay up to 3 days.

Local August 28, 2016
Thank you Lali :)
I think the question was answered very well. Certainly September is great for weather, cooler than hot August but still warm to mild. I like the train to Batumi. I don't have a particular hotel to recommend but there are some nice places on Airbnb. Taxis are certainly very cheap. Perhaps download the app from TaxiOnn or Taxify. On Taxi Onn the cost from airport to city centre is about 20 GEL- very cheap compared to many other cities. They will wait as well. I would do 2 to 3 days in Batumi. Have fun!
Local August 25, 2016
Hi, September is the best time to travel to Georgia. There is a bus to tbilisi, but taxi is also cheap. From airport to center its 10 euros. Its easy to go to Batumi by minibus, but train is also possible. Three days could be enough for Batumi I think, but try to be in Tbilisi for Friday and Saturday, its more fun in Tbilisi in September. As for hotels, Im not sure, I don't have much information about it.
Local August 25, 2016
Thank you Rusudan and Peter!
Traveller August 25, 2016