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Looking for an affordable driver, NOT tour guide

By Traveller October 14, 2017

Looking for an affordable driver, NOT tour guide

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By Anna Traveller October 14, 2017

I am simply looking for a driver, not a tour guide for 4 full days. Me, my husband, and baby are thinking of coming to Georgia at the end of this month, and we don't want to drive ourself, but can teach ourselves about the sites since a private tour guide is expensive. Does anyone know of a driver that can provide price quotes for being our dedicated private driver for 4 days with details of how much distance is covered in that price. If we want to see more, we will pay extra for gas prices. We do not plan to return to tbilisi every night, and would cover accommodations for the driver when far from Tbilisi. Because we do not need the driver to teach us about sites, English language is not SO necessary other than us being able to communicate where we want to go.

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Hello , my name is Vano from Georgia
I am driver and guide at the same time - i am driving Van mercedes 2013
If your still interesting having tours in Georgia, you can WhatsApp me +995592272172
Local October 14, 2017
pm me your plans, to be more certain locations you want to visit
Local October 14, 2017