Hi! Can Prometheus Cave & Kutaisi vist in 1 day?

By Traveller October 16, 2017

Hi! Can Prometheus Cave & Kutaisi vist in 1 day?

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By Wathsala Traveller October 16, 2017


Can anyone please let me know that Prometheus Cave & Kutaisi could vist in 1 day? Also what would be the travel cost to Batumi City.

I’m thinking to visit Georgia by early May.

Thank you..

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if you take a private transfer, you can do all 3 in one day - Kutaisi, Prometheus and then drop off in Batumi.

If you go by public transport, you'll need to start as early as possible, I suggest to take the minibus at 8am from Didube.


Local Guru October 16, 2017
Hi Maria, Thank you so much for the information. Can you please let me roughly how much time will take to come Batumi after visiting the Cave & Kutaisi if I took a private car ?
It's about 3-3,5 hours from Kutaisi to Batumi.
So in total, you would need about 9-10 for the when trip (the old town of Kutaisi is rather small, I don't think you will need much time for that).
If you need recommendation on private driver or need any further information, drop me a pm.
Btw - May is still not really the swimming season for Batumi. Just in case )
Noted & Thank you so much for the information.
Yup , its possible to visit prometheus caves in a day - have my contact number in order you need help - +995592272121
Local October 16, 2017
Hi, Already added to my contact list. Thank you so much..