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transportation from Batumi to Mestia

By Traveller January 11, 2018

transportation from Batumi to Mestia

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By Niko Traveller January 11, 2018

How can we go to Mestia from Batumi? by Marshrutka or private car?
For Marshrutka,may i know the time schedule?
For private care, how much for private car (all in price)

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Hello Niko,

I don't think there is timetable available on the net. You should go to the bus station and find out timetable there; Marshutka is the cheapest way to go to Mestia from Batumi;

I found phone numbers of the bus station in Batumi, if you are in Georgia now you can make a call
+995 (422) 27 85 47, +995 (557) 000 402, +995 (593) 16 34 63

Bus station address: Maiakovski str #1;

Here is the link for the private cars:

Have a Nice trip :)
Local January 11, 2018