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Travelling with 7 months baby

By Traveller January 14, 2018

Travelling with 7 months baby

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By Maydene Traveller January 14, 2018

Hi we are planning to travel on the 1st week of february with our 7 months old baby. is it safe travel going to gudauri mountan? and how cold is it during that month?thank you!

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Judging from my experience I wouldn't recommend to travel on this altitude (gudauri is 2100 m from sea level) with a baby, plus the roads are tricky in the winter too, it is totally up to you but I would recommend different directions.
best wishes
Local January 16, 2018
Hi Mariam, can you please tell me if its dangerous for baby to go there? hows the road going there is it not safe to travel? thank you!
Hi Maydene, the road is snowy it is being cleaned all the time but sometimes it is closed, that is the only issue with the road, with the baby it is just, the babies are a bit more sensitive with altitude. Otherwise it is safe to go to Gudauri, pretty much worth of visiting, it is up to you if your baby is strong and has no issues with long driving and altitude, why not, you should definitely go there.
If you want a safe drive I can recommend someone or organise your trip, but you should know all the info, this is why I said it's a bit tricky with baby in this case
Mariam Local January 17, 2018
Is there no proper place for baby? atleast restaurant nearby where i can stay inside with my baby so that she is not exposed to cold weather?
Yes sure, it has plenty of restaurants nearby cable car stations, so you can relax with the baby there
Mariam Local January 18, 2018
Hallo nice to meet you thanks for interesting about travel in gudauri is very cold but its possible to travel i have comfortable cars and all comforts wich need small baby +995 555105873 watsap number
Local January 15, 2018
Hello Maydene. Yes, it’s safe to travel to the Gudauri mountains, even with your baby. To be honest, it’s really cold there, especially in the evenings. Weather changes almost in every minute there, in the morning it might be sunny and after few hours it may become cloudy so it’s hard to predict.
Local January 14, 2018
Hello Mayden,

it's not super comfortable to travel with a baby in Georgia (for example we don't have that many baby rooms or microwaves at every gas station), but it's possible.
You just need to make sure that you rent a car with a baby seat if you need one and that the driver is safe.
As for the temperatures - it is cold ) But it's absolutely bearable, about 0 to -10. Make sure you keep your feet and head warm. If you're not used to snow take two pairs of shoes to change once one of them gets wet from the snow.

Local Guru January 14, 2018
It’s quite save and all the drivers nowadays are good enough to go there safely ...
its around -6 / -7 degree usually but sometimes its quite sunny , if your lucky.
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Local January 14, 2018