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How is it far north of Tbilisi?

By Traveller February 14, 2018

How is it far north of Tbilisi?

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By Hani Traveller February 14, 2018

Hi. I want to know about life in the far north of Tbilisiclose to (Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave. And Merian Mepe street)? I am thinking to buy a condo plus shop both for rent.

near Didi Dighomi, Tbilisi, Georgia

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I think it's a great idea, wish you the best if you need any assistance ill be glade as well.
Local February 16, 2018
Thank you Enzo. I just want to know if Didi Dighomi is tourist area? And How are the people financially who live in this area??
Hani Traveller February 17, 2018
I would say it's not a touristic area at all, i would recommend old Tbilisi like: Freedom square area, Mtatsminda, Rustaveli those are the most touristic areas , as for didi digomi its more like a village to be honest and you will need to drive to reach there.
Enzo Local February 19, 2018
I got you. It is more for local people.Acually there is one Mall will be there near to goodwell hypermarket. I am thinking to buy a shop there and rent it.
- But what about the future of Didi Dighomi since the american embassy in that area??
Hani Traveller February 20, 2018
Usually expats and higher income class will choose to reside in Vake, Vera area and they drive to work, for the future it is already expanding towards there for instance there is green diamond project going on and it needs couple of years to be completed so maybe till 2019 Sep things will be much better over there and more foreigner might be attached to live there since the quality of air is better than the city, but personally i still prefer to shop in Vake or freedom square area , the majority of population a mix of locals and foreigners (Students) prefer that area due to reasonable rental rates and very well serviced areas, how ever ''Digomi'' on the other hand is a good example for a family oriented place as it's considered as a high end country side place, but for ''Digomi massive'' is a different scenario as its a mid class place i would say but still a good choice to start with as most families living their their average salaries would range from 900-1200 GEL at least, it all depends on your budget and your targeted clients, if you find something good and that has a potential future and time is on your side then yes take the advantage of having a cheaper place to rent out in the right time and then sell it after 5-6 years when the market price is right for you, you may send me more details if you wish regarding location, pictures and sqm's on
Enzo Local February 20, 2018
It is quite big district, so you have check everything and think about specific streets before you choose the location
Local February 15, 2018
Didi Dighomi is a growing concrete suburb with developing infrastructure. It's quite convenient for living, the prices are not that high, the houses are new and there are supermarkets and schools.
Yet, it is very far from the city center. Usually, those who tent there are not tourists, but expats or locals from other areas of Georgia.
Local Guru February 14, 2018
Thank you Maria for your help. So do you think is good to invest bu buying a shop and rent it in new opening Mall. And waht about apartment and rent it out as well??
Hani Traveller February 14, 2018