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winter clothes for my family?

By Traveller February 21, 2018

winter clothes for my family?

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By Moaaz Traveller February 21, 2018

i cannot find any winter cloths for my family in my place - can you recommend a shop that sells winter clothes near Rustaveli street for good price

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It isn’t clear for me what is good price for you:( One store with good prices is Waikiki (beside of opera house, Rustaveli Avenue 32). Also there is shopping gallery - Merani at Rustaveli Avenue 42.
Local February 21, 2018
Hello Moaaz,

unfortunately the season for winter clothes is almost over, all shops have spring collection now. But you might be lucky with some sales articles or specialized sports and outdoor shops.
On Rustaveli it would be Galeria shopping mall and a few shops along the avenue - Zara, LC Waikiki and some more.
Alternatively you can check second hands if the idea is ok for you.
Local Guru February 21, 2018
Thank you Maria for your reply , Actually i am considering Gudauri , KAZBEGI during my visit that why i guess , i might need thermal clothes, heavy jacket.

But tell me please is it that cold in these places

Moaaz Traveller February 21, 2018
Kazbegi and Gudauri are cold (till end of March usually about 0 Celsius), but the thing is that you actually don't spend much time being outside there and not being active. You either go out to take photos, play with the snow for 1-2 hours and then you get in a cafe or something or you go skiing, and with this you soon feel very warm.
So, I think what you need, if there is no chance to buy winter clothes, are a see layers of clothes - warm stockings under your jeans, long sleeves under your sweatshirt and jacket and of course something to protect your neck and head.
And always take several pairs of socks as your feet might get wet after walking in snow.
Maria Local Guru February 21, 2018