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Clothing for Georgia

By Traveller March 11, 2018

Clothing for Georgia

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By Kazmeen Traveller March 11, 2018

If we r travelling in the month of April do we need thick warm clothes or just normal sweaters would do? And can one wear normal sketchers while on snow or it's better to wear boots?

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Like the other locals already stated, the weather in April is quite unpredictable with a higher than usual chance of rain and wind. I recommend to check the weather forecast a few days before you travel and then decide what to take with you. Check several weather sources, one that has been very reliable from my experience is
Enjoy your trip!
Local Guru March 13, 2018
Hello Kazmeen!
Actually there might be a bit windy in the beginning of April, but looking at this spring, I don't think you need any warm clothes (maybe just a pair of them). There will be no snow in April around Tbilisi but if you plan going to the mountains, probably, you will need them.
Best wishes,
Mariam & Levan
Thanks Mariam. Looking forward to a mix of climate along with fun.
You are welcome : )
Enjoy your stay here. Don't feel shy and ask anything you will need.
Mariam & Levan
Do you think anyone can tell you an April weather now better than Google itself before the departure ? ;)
Number of layers depends on location you go. if you go to the mountains then no.
and sketchers should be fine even in snowy Tbilisi but, keep in mind, Springs are quit rainy in Tbilisi and then you may need smth waterproof here or there.
Local Expert March 11, 2018