hi . i would like to ask if there are cheap clothing stores like primark?

By Traveller March 18, 2018

hi . i would like to ask if there are cheap clothing stores like primark?

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By Viky Traveller March 18, 2018

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hi,i can suggest EUROBRAND OUTLET TBILISI. 1 26 May Sq., Sports palace...
Local April 16, 2018
Try certifiedvanity.com clothes are affordable but they have a sale (springsale01). I have shopped there a couple of times
Traveller February 24, 2019
Yes ! It's simple .you can find good quality clothes from here: https://trendyshopi.wooplr.com
I purchased many products from here they sell quality products and and also you can buy international clothing on discount .
Traveller June 10, 2018
Hey. They do have H&M and OVS. You can check websites of the biggests shopping centers tbilisimall.com ; easpoint.ge ; galleria.ge. Hope it helps :)
Local March 20, 2018
Excellent . Value information
Hi again. Actuay im planning a trip for me and my husband for our 14 anniversary.

I would like to ask about what kind of clothes should we take with us? Long sleeves ? Or is tge summer in tbilisi the same as in my country israel??

Also what kind of activities should we do ?

I heard about sulphor pools?

What any ither recommendations you offer??

Traveller March 19, 2018
Hi Viky,

the closest in terms of quality and price ratio would be probably LC Waikiki and Defacto.
Sometimes you can also find cheap clothes at the market (bazroba)


Local Guru March 19, 2018
Thank you very much for your answer.

You have LC waikiki and defacto in Georgia?
Can you tell me if yes where in Tbilisi
Yes, we do - the most central ones are on Rustaveli avenue and Galleria shopping mall. And of course also Eastpoint and Tbilisi Mall have them, but those two are far from the center
Hi Viki. We don't have Primark in Georgia, but we do have H&M, LC Waikiki, New Yorker, Jennifer, New Look, and other cheap brands.
Local March 18, 2018
Thank you very much for the information .
Have a good day