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looking forward to join local communities

By Traveller April 5, 2018

looking forward to join local communities

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By Arash Traveller April 5, 2018

dear friends,
I'm thinking of travelling to Tbilisi, I'd like to meet locals and make friends
can you help me with meeting people who can speak English and are "friendly" ?! :)

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2 answers

Dive Bar is one place to make friends with both locals and internationals. you could also speak to any random group of nice-looking Georgian people, Everyone is happy to have chance to speak English and to advertise the good sides of Georgia. While discussing, you could sneak in an offer: a go-out evening in a Bar or guiding you through the old city :) Yes I mean it! My estimate is 10% would come with you without questioning, 55% would agree to the offer, but for meeting up later. 30% would say maybe some other day, which they mean! the other 5% would say no with a blush of embarrassment..
Local April 5, 2018
thanks buddy for your clean and straight tips, I saw Dive bar's photos on TripAdvisor, looks solitude, r u sure its the right place?
hi ,I might find time to meet have safe coffee or tea