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what to do in Tbilisi in December :D

By Traveller July 16, 2016

what to do in Tbilisi in December :D

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By Sohaila Traveller July 16, 2016

what to do in Tbilisi specific and Georgia in general in December with low budget

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Hi Sohalia,
Beside above-mentioned advice, you can book online on TKT.ge some cultural events, e.g. opera, national dance, ballet.
We have some restaurants and cafes here in Tbilisi which offer entertainment programs as national dance, also contemporary dance and music.

Hope, it was helpful. Good luck!
Local July 16, 2016
Sohaila, in december or any other month, the best way to explore Tbilisi is long walks across its streets and! Stepping in the Entrance halls of some old buildings. Some of them are true mssterpieces with gorgeous paintings on walls and ceiling. Like the one by machabeli 17. And when you get cold take a rest in one if numerous cafes, they are mosfly inexpensive
Traveller July 16, 2016