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Local guide to tbilisi

By Traveller September 30, 2016

Local guide to tbilisi

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By Tracy Traveller September 30, 2016

Hi, we are travelling to Tbilisi in Oct and will be staying at Iveria Inn. Please suggest the best way to get to the city center. Also suggest attractions & places to visit, local food, wine and gift & souvenirs to take back home. thanks

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Hello Tracy,

From your staying place to the city center you can use shuttle bus (its very cheap 0.80 Gel) if i remember correctly # 149, 27 is ok.But may be there are some other Buses, you can ask in reception.
Downtown is a very lovely and beautiful place in Tbilisi. there are lots of restaurants and souvenirs. leselidze str. is also a place where you can by gifts, souvenirs, wine and traditional local sweets - churchkhela :) I recommend you to taste khinkali- its also a traditional local food.
Here you can see all about Tbilisi tours: http://georgia.travel/en/tbilisi .
Welcome to Georgia :) Enjoy
Local October 4, 2016
Thank you so much looking forward to try everything.
Hi, first of all I'm glad that you decide to visit Tbilisi :)
From Airport you can take Taxi (Official Airport Taxi service is toyota taxi 511) it will cost 30 Gel (12$) to Iveria Inn. Also you can catch other taxi, it maybe will cost 20-25 Gel (10$).
From the hotel it will be easiest way to go to the city center by yellow minivan (marshutka), it costs 0.80 GEL, or take Taxi, it'll cost 5-6 GEl per car.
You should visit Old Town, there is lots of nice bars and restaurants.
I'll recommend g.Vino, CAFE LITTERA / CULINARIUM ... in this area are lots of small souvenir shops.

Local September 30, 2016
Thank you Nino. What about Turtle lake and sulfur baths, any recommendations for these?
There are some nice cafe's, but I never been there, how I know it is little bit expansive.
Nino Local October 17, 2016