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2 Weeks in Georgia!

By Traveller October 5, 2016

2 Weeks in Georgia!

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By David Traveller October 5, 2016

Would like to ask some info on what to do if I stay in Lvovi Street Hotel, what are the closest bars, cafe, restaurants, nightlife, any info would do thanks!
And another option is Hotel Panorama at Dobalauri III St. same question, any info around that area?

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Try "Avlabari" & "Abanotubani" area. Hotel Panorama is in the Saburtalo area, it is to far from the touristic area.

Local October 17, 2016
Thanks we're trying to find a spot, we got postponed, will be arriving on the last week of november
David Traveller November 1, 2016
Agree with Samir. Try to find places Metekhi.
Airbnb might be helpful
Local October 5, 2016
No wayyyy, these hotels so far away from city center. Try find hotels near Historic neighborhood of Metekhi, or they call it old city.
Traveller October 5, 2016
Thanks for answering, is both way too far from anything at all?
I have been visiting Georgia over last 10 years. Hotels you need to stay is only around old city. Otherwise you will end up paying taxi everyday, And there is traffic all the time. Both place are too far away. check airbnb for cheaper places to stay near that area.
Thanks for the answer, will do that.