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Best Night of Our Trip!
Mariam and Levan were hosts from heaven, amazing, caring, thoughtful people. They made their home our home and shared so much of their culture and lives with us, it was easily the best night of our entire trip!
Flavours of Georgia: Dinner at a Local Home in Tbilisi
What an Amazing Experience
I had a wonderul opportunity to be invited by Marian and Levan for dinner. We started at 4pm with dinner preparation to which I was able to learn how to make some of my favorite Georgian food - eggplant with walnuts, baje. Had a delightful conversatiob with Mariam and Levan and I get a chance to drink from the horn. What an amazing experience!!!
Flavours of Georgia: Dinner at a Local Home in Tbilisi
One of the best tours we experienced!
This was one of the best tours we ever experienced! Our tour guide Luka was very pleasant to spend the day with and gave us all the time we needed to enjoy every site. He drove well and provided great information about Georgia and it’s culture! The tour itself couldn’t have been better as every place we visited had something unique to offer. I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Georgia!
Day Trip to Kazbegi from Tbilisi with a Hike to the Gveleti Waterfall
Great tour of Tbilisi
Highly recommend anyone going to Georgia to do the tour with Maria. It's super fun, thorough and informative. Maria goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and a tour with her gets you set to tackle Tbilisi by yourself. She's a great guide and knows the best spots.
Tbilisi Old Town Tour with Wine Tasting & Cable Cars
Amazing dinner!
I had some amazing foods prepared by the hosts at their place. They are both very friendly, great cooks, and good storytellers about Georgia and Tbilisi. It is such a unique experience to socialize with the locals and get a much better sense of their story and this great city of Tbilisi. I think it is well worth treating yourself to this tour. The food and wine were delicious!!!!
Flavours of Georgia: Dinner at a Local Home in Tbilisi
great value!
Kristi was great as she listened to me and customized the tour accordingly. She kept up at my pace of walking as I don't like to sit in one spot and talk about bricks on a building for 25 minutes...I like to see as much as possible without breaking into a sweat. Kristi had a good foundation of knowledge about Tbilisi and I would recommend her tour to all. THANKS KRISTI!
Kristi K - 126046, in Tbilisi, Georgia
Great tour to get overview
Kristi showed me not only the famous old town but also hidden places and hidden architectural gems. She designed an individual tour based on my preferences. I highly recommend a tour with Kristi. Thanks a lot!
Tbilisi City Walking Tour
Interesting experience with locals
Mariam and Levan are a lovely example of a young Georgian generation: they are proud of their country, its history and love to present it to foreigners. Extra benefit is a fresh food prepared in front of you 👍 Thank you Levan and Mariam, kind regards from Slovakia 🙂
Flavours of Georgia: Dinner at a Local Home in Tbilisi
Fantastic and knowledgeable guide
Did this tour with 5 friends during our 1 week trip to Georgia. Maria was incredibly knowledgeable about her city. She was very friendly (and also very patient as we were late to meet her) and was the ideal guide for our superb 4 hour tour. Some of my friends were reluctant to do a lengthy walking tour but without exception all agreed this was fantastic and was carried out at an easy pace. Maria took us to a few locations we would not have found and the tour ended with a terrific wine tasting visit to an underground wine cellar. Very highly recommend this tour. Even if this tour were more expensive it would be great value. Thanks Maria!
Tbilisi Old Town Tour with Wine Tasting & Cable Cars
Great little adventure! Recommended!
We booked this trip last minute as we thought it looked like the most interesting of all day trips around Tbilisi. We liked that it offered a wide range of sites and a little wine tasting included! Mariam and David (the best driver in Georgia) picked us up from the hotel promptly the next morning so that made it very easy. Mariam was full of stories and taught us lots about Georgia and all the things we were passing through the countryside. It made the journey really fun and relaxed. Throughout the day we visited a beautiful monastery and learned lots, explored a stunning walled town and peered through the mist out onto vast fields below. We then got to see the amazing caves in which the traditional wine is stored. So big! There we also had great fun getting our hands dirty, making local bread, bbq pork, sweets and dumplings. A great way to fill up before we started our journey back. A full day and great to explore outside of Tbilisi. We're really thankful to Mariam and David for making it a great adventure for us. Georgian sense of humour is great :) Do your trip with these guys. It'll be worth it. J
Gastronomy, Wine & Culture: Day Trip to Kakheti from Tbilisi
Great tour
Anya is a very enthusiastic and warm person. She had interesting stories to tell and took us to places we would not have found. Highly recommended!
Tbilisi Hack Free Tours
100% recommended!
Mari was great. She was super patient in fielding our silly questions, accommodating and super friendly. I would absolutely do another tour with them. Thanks for a great time!
The Wine Routes of Georgia Day Trip from Tbilisi
Highlight of our two week visit to Georgia!
What an amazing experience. My sister and I were invited into Levan's grandmother's home - several floors up in a tower block just north of the centre of Tbilisi. They asked us to let them know which dishes we would like to make the day before, and they gathered all of the ingredients and had spent time preparing things so it was all ready. We made a feast fit for a king! Operating out of a small kitchen, which was fun and traditional! Levan had homemade qvervi wine as well as chacha and soft-drinks, and we sat and talked, and drank and ate the food for hours. Further members of Levan's family turned up, his mother, and his grandfather, and it was quite magical to meet three generations of Georgians, surrounded by incredible food and drink! If you are visiting Tbilisi and are considering this "tour", don't hesitate, it was heartwarming, memorable, and I even made my first Georgian walnut paste last week to great success. Thanks guys Dan & Emma.
Flavours of Georgia: Dinner at a Local Home in Tbilisi
Beautiful Tbilisi, wonderful company
Travelling by myself, i didnt want to join the larger tour groups and still wanted to gain some insight view into Tbilisi, preferably by a Georgian my age. I had a really good time wandering around with Mari! She showed me beautiful parts of the city I would have never found myself. I was really surprised how much Tbilisi has to offer. Being particularly interested in architecture, Mari did take special care of that interest. Mari really loves her city and is a very personal and helpful guide, she will help you with other questions about daily life as well. I really enjoyed spending time with her!
Hidden Beauty of Tbilisi Walking Tour
It was nice, but shorter than I expected
Tbilisi Hack Free Tours
Amazing and must try
First of all safe. You don’t have to worry I was completely in trust mood. The experience by itself was heavenly like experience. I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as we did.
Must-Do Day Trip to the Kazbegi Mountains from Tbilisi
Walking, looking, searching
We‘ve booked the walking tour for 3 hours. It was great to see streets and ways you wouldn‘t notice. Even we are discovering staircases in private houses you would never visit. Also noteworthy: this little bakery downstairs were you can get great katchapuri. At least it‘s almost a complete city tour. And if you have special questions like where to get the metro card you could ask your guide. Ours helped to buy it :) Thanks a lot. Very friendly guide. Thanks to Mari
Hidden Beauty of Tbilisi Walking Tour
Nice experiencet
Kazbegi's journey was very nice. Mariam and Tea, were very kind to us and guided us to discover the wonders of Georgia, without them we would never have seen them. I highly recommend this tour.
Must-Do Day Trip to the Kazbegi Mountains from Tbilisi
Very good
I got 15 km by feet. It was very easy and very interesting.
Tbilisi Old Town Tour with Wine Tasting & Cable Cars
Informative tour around Tbilisi Old Town
Maria's tour around Tbilisi's Old Town was excellent. She was very insightful, eager to share her knowledge and easy to talk to. For us it was a good mixture of both Georgian's ways of living plus history. We would highly recommend Maria's tour when you're in town Mark & Anna
Tbilisi Old Town Tour with Wine Tasting & Cable Cars

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