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Bus Company

By Traveller September 22, 2018

Bus Company

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By Pri Traveller September 22, 2018

Hello again lovely people! A last question, which bus company is the best to travel around Iran? Thank you!

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4 answers

They are just names here, Dosn't matter which company you are buying tickets from, just make sure it is called a VIP bus.
Local October 30, 2018
Hey there,
The best bus company I travel with is Royall Safar and SeiroSafar
Sometimes they work with each other, I mean when one of them doesn't have seat, you can ask another one. The buses has WiFi and VIP ones has their own LCDs for each seat.
Local September 25, 2018
Hi Pri. They are almost the same. Royal Safar can be a good choice. And I suggest you to check if they have vip seats!
Local September 24, 2018
Hi again.it depend on the which city u wanna go.but totally royal safar and seiro safar are the best
Local September 22, 2018