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Ideal plan for 2-3 days in North (Tehran)

By Local March 20, 2018

Ideal plan for 2-3 days in North (Tehran)

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By Topaz Local March 20, 2018

Please advice 2-3 days ideal plan for Chalous, Babulsar and other places on same track by Bus. Also guide if there is any cheap/budget hotels (around USD 15.00 per night) available. We are a small family of four including 2 kids.

Thanks & Regards,

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Dear Topaz,
Nice to hear you are interested about Iran.
Chalous is about 2 hours away of Babolsar. The information in your question is not enough. Please tell me that when your trip will be start and is Chalous and Babolsar is your decision? Or I can advise you some other cites like Ramsar and Rasht.
According the time of travel the prices are different, for example, from today up to 15 days latter because of persiob new year, we are in high season, so there so traffice jam in every where specially in north of iran like Chalous.
So, Topak, please give me more details.
Local March 21, 2018
Thank you so much for your valuable time and guidance.

I will be in Qom for 3 days on 14th to 16th June 2018 then i will leave for Mashad for 10 days and back to Tehran on 29th till 4th July 2018. We are four in total having 2 kids, a small family.

Please advice nearest places from these three cities keeping budget/economy hotel in mind. :)

Hi topaz
I live in tehran and i have not any idia for north of iran
Chaloos and babolsar has some sea sides
For example there is daryakenar town near babolsar (it means seaside) and its one of old town in iran and its very beautiful (i like it) and papiular in north of iran
Near chaloos there are lots of green natur like marzan abad and abbas abad
In babolsar you must and must and must go to mizban restaurant there are tow mizban restaurant and both of them are perfect in sea food and other food
Test (sir torshi) with your food
Any way its my cellphone number 09122708702 if any problem happend call me i try too help and fix that
My name is ali nasiri
Have a good travel😉
Local March 20, 2018
Dear Brother Ali, Thank you so much for your valuable guidance.

If we plan to go to Daryakenar Town, is there any reasonable rates hotel available. I live near Park-e-Shahar (Imam Khomeni Metro) so is there any Bus service to Daryakenar Town.

Also advice if we go to Chalus Seaside etc.. A day trip is enough for entertainment there or its recommended to live for 1-2 nights. I hope temporary paid huts are available there too.

Once again thanks for your time.
Imam khomeyni metro is in tehran! Daryakenar town is in north of iran (chaloos or babolsar)
Are you sure about your location?! There are many cheap places around parke shahr (in tehran)
Ali Local March 29, 2018
Yes i always live near Park-e-Shahar

I know chaloos is around 5-6 hours bus ride, if it is worth then i must visit. Just give me idea of bus or taxi fare and reasonable hotel address.
I don’t know any hotels or hostels in the north
And at this time of year it’s too crowded because of persian new year
And you won’t find any good place there except expensive hotels
I offer you stay in Tehran these 3 days
Local March 20, 2018
First of all thanks for your hospitality. Much appreciated!

I planned to visit in June/July 2018 and will visit Qom (3), Mashad(10) and Tehran(6) days. Please share any new entertainment places or nearest cities for site seeing and leisure.