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Water Parks in Tehran

By Local March 29, 2018

Water Parks in Tehran

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By Topaz Local March 29, 2018

Please recommend best water park in Tehran for family. Water park name, timings, ticket price and address.

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Eram Amusement Park, Good with family
Local April 3, 2018
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Local March 30, 2018
Thanks you Brother Ali.
Site is very useful.
please note that water parks are segregated in iran... actually not sure that they are segregated or only for men.
the pools are segregated and have different times for men and women.
so as a family, it's impossible to go to a water park together.
Local March 29, 2018
Thanks for your infomration. I faced same last year when i visited Park Sahil Aftab in Mashad. Recommend any waterfall or lake near Tehran or Mashad.
If you mean water park for water games there is just one water park between tehran and karaj that named and some new park that i dont know. But in all of them you can not go whth family man and woman are seprated and times are diffrent
Local March 29, 2018
Thanks for the information.
Can you recommend any place for family like a waterfall near Tehran or Qom or Mashad. Any idea of taxi or bus for Ali Sadar Cave etc.
There is a place named bamland (park /mall/ restaurant/lake/ boatand ...) west of tehran. You shuld go to chitgar metro staition and frome there take a taxi to baamland mall.
Another park is abo atash in north center of tehran but there is not any water. There is foodcort and one big bridge named pol-e- tabiat( natur bridge) you shuld go there with metro(haghani staition)
Another montain park is jamshidie park in north of tehran that is beautiful and there is lots of old tree
you shuld go there with taxi or mixed of taxi and metro. I promote snap taxi( internet taxi) ask anyone to install snap app on your phone. Then you can select you destination on map
Local March 29, 2018
Thats the great info. Thanks.

I already visited Aab O'Atish and Nature Bridge.. its really amazing. Bamland sounds good, i am shortlisting it for my upcoming trip.

Snap Tax is cheap as compare to local taxi? Please advice it is inexpensive for long distance travel too?