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AliSadr Cave Information Required

By Local April 7, 2018

AliSadr Cave Information Required

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By Topaz Local April 7, 2018

Hello to All,

1- Please advice timings and it opens daily or any selected days?

2- Ticket price per person?

3- I heard they charge extra to US / UK foreigners, same applies to all foreigners?

4- Bus route/ticket to from Tehran to Hamedan? and afterwards to Ali Sadr Cave

5- In return from AliSadr to Hamedan, is there any other interesting place where we can hangout?

I have Ali Sadr Office Number (988138255552) but they speak Persian which i do not understand :)

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Thank alot Saba for your valuable information. I will surely cross check with local tour guide soon.
Local April 7, 2018
Ad 4. Transport from Hamedan to Ali Sadr Cave. There are minbuses, cost around 5 000 tomans - 1,5 $. Last stop is next to the ticket office of the Cave. The other option is shared cab. Not sure, but maby Snapp driver could take you there.
Traveller April 13, 2018
Thanks for your guidance.

Any specific bus stop in Hamedan for minibus?
Hello opens from 8a.m. To 8p.m from april to september and from 8to15 from october to march
The best time for visiting is from april to june and from saturday to wednesday ( tuesday and friday not recommended, it s holiday and very crowded)
2.the price of ticket is about 10 us$ per person
Local April 9, 2018
Excuse me Friday and thursday are weekend and holiday in IRAN
Thanks a lot for your valuable information and guidance.
Hi there
From Tehran to Hamdan as far as I know daily basis bus goes and verius time as Hamdan in route of many other destination.. price on VIP bus (make sure you get this bus) can't be more than 50000 toman of Iran currency (500000 rials)equal $8 -$9 one way per person..
Not sure how much it would be from Hamdan to Cave Alisadr (sorry) best ask hotel in Hamdan.. as far as I know there isn't any public transport ..but then again ask around..
I don't think the cave is closed on any days..but the best would be ask when you are in Hamdan..
From Hamdan 2 he minibus trip you can reach City calls Kermanshha..nice city for couple of days..old traditional bazar..Bisetoon,Tagh Bostan,,
That's all I can say

Enjoy it
Local April 8, 2018
1.As it says on the website, the cave is open from 8:00 to 20:00 seven days of the week.

4.Depends on where you're staying in Tehran, you can go to different Terminals, There are some VIP buses Leaving from Beihaghi Terminal in Argentine Square. Prices are about 33000 Tomans per person.

3.They will charge you more for the entrance ticket, no matter where you're from as long as you don't speak Farsi, you're a foreigner :)

I recommend you to choose a tour and go with them
found this on the internet
seems like the guy knows English and you can talk to him for some information.

Good luck
Local April 7, 2018
Thank alot Saba for your valuable information. I will surely cross check with local tour guide soon.