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Shopping Streets

4 places
Where you can get food, clothes etc. for bargain-to-reasonable prices...

Outdoors and Parks

9 places
Sit, relax and breath... :-))

Coffee Places

9 places
Nothing's like a good cup of Coffee - be it hot or ice, small or large. :-)


4 places
As between you and me, nothing is better to buy, than many good long Books... :-))

Alcohol Places

2 places
Whether simply to enjoy a small glass of wine, or to get slightly drunk.;-)

Good Simple Budget Food

5 places
Because sometimes, the simplest isalso the Best...


7 places
Have a Healthy Fruit-Shake!! :-))


9 places
Since what on Earth could be better, than a Good, Big Hearty Breakfast, to fill you up for the rest of the day?


3 places
Visit a Museum. Read in a Library.