5-8 Jan in Tel-Aviv for couple.

By Traveller January 1, 2019
Tel Aviv

5-8 Jan in Tel-Aviv for couple.

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By Antonina Traveller January 1, 2019

Hello! I with my bf cone in Tel-Aviv in time after New Year and during Christmas (the second one)) - which interesting places are there now, maybe some markets or fest-places, christmas trees? I already was in Tel-Aviv in september , but want to see more nice places )) offer please any.

Also we come in shabbat and i’m not sure we’ll able to take anything exept taxi. We’ll be very glad to get some advices how to it much easier!

Thank you in advance )

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Hi Antonina!
you don't need more than your feet in TLV, just walk around.. even on a Saturday, there are tones of open places. Not sure if the Christmas vibes will still be around (it's not like they ever really were, here in Israel :) )
Therefor I suggest to explore the Jaffa area, see the tree, and then continue to other places in Jaffa or southern TLV:

-Beit Romano - (Romano house) adderss: Derech Jaffa 9, perfect for an afternoon winter cocktail.
Casino San Remo: https://www.casinosanremo.co.il/
-Kuku's Nest (Ken Ha'Kukia) address- 3 Noam st., is an exhibition house by day, and a bar by night.
- Check out music events at Abraham hostel here: https://abrahamhostels.com/tel-aviv/bar-events/
- Grab a margarita and Mexican street food at the Taqueria: http://taqueria.co.il/English.aspx
- a classic: grab an over-the-top last brunch at "the old man and the sea" on the old Jaffa promenade.

(more to come)
Local January 1, 2019
City center:
-The great synagogue square (Har Sinay 2 st.). one of the most fun areas in the city. Hang out places: the famous Port Said (Israeli food by famous Chef Eyal Shani), The Thai in Har Sinay (extra spicy!), Santa Katarina (more fancy).
-Taylormade: one of the most classic cocktail bars in town. seems regular, then you
walk in to an indoors garden! (Allenby St 99, across from the great synagogue).
-Nununu: https://www.facebook.com/nununutlv/, Herzel 16 St. (corner of Herzel/Rothchild). go there for a munch after heavy drinking
-Bicicletta (one of my favourite palces - happy hour at the restuarant ti;; 8pm - 1+1 on drinks, and until 10pm at the bar upstairs. smoked turkey sandwich!!!): Nahalat Binyamin St 29, Tel Aviv-Yafo.
- Tepale: https://www.facebook.com/TepaleStyle/menu/ really unique atmosphere!

Hope I gave you some ideas :)
Hi! There is a large Christmas tree in the Jaffa Clock tower square, and few blocks away there’s a flea market at day, and some great bars and sidewalk-restaurants at night, I recommend visiting at night, it’s much more lifefull and there’s a great vibe.
At day, I recommend to go to HaCarmel market (if you haven’t been there) in Tel Aviv, “Nahalat Benyamin” market every Tuesday and Friday (near the HaCarmel market), “HaTachana” which is an old railway station,
Sarcoma market- indoor culinary market, and if the weather is good you can always visit the beach.
About transportation, in Tel-Aviv, every few blocks there’s a bike rent station, the bikes are green and you can return them in any other station you see.
About Shabbat- You’re right, accept texi there’s nothing else, you can try and download an app called “Moovit” that will help you dealing with the busses and the transportation. There are also carpool rides there so maybe you’ll be able to catch one.
Hope I helped you! Enjoy your trip!! :)
Local January 1, 2019
Thanks a lot!! Also we want to take an electic scooter (not a bike)) for 3 days. Is it possible? And where can we find them?
Hi Welcome again.
You might want to visit Jafa (Yafo), which should have a nice Christmas tree, and the flea market and old part should be nice. You can visit Hakarmel Market, which would be nice. Jerusalem is only 1 hour by bus and during those days is really nice.
Local January 1, 2019