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Best districts to stay at in Tel Aviv

By Traveller November 27, 2019
Tel Aviv

Best districts to stay at in Tel Aviv

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By Aneta Traveller November 27, 2019

Hello everyone :) I'll be visiting Tel Aviv with friends around March. We're currently looking for a place to stay so I was wondering which districts are the nicest? I'm a huge fan of Bauhaus, one of us is interested in art so maybe something that gives us easy access to both? We have a tight budget but there's gonna be 4 of us :) Any tips are much welcomed :) Thanks in advance!

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Hi, actually Tel-Aviv is esy to walk around - safe and 10-20 minutes walk from side to side (in the center). I would look anywere from :
west- the sea
east - Eben Gavriol/ Ibn Gvirol
norh - Nordau Ave.
south - Rotshild Blvd
Local November 29, 2019
You are welcome and March should be a great season! Try this hostel:
it is close to the Bauhaus area and some galleries
Local November 28, 2019
try this:
close to the Bauhaus area, some galleries, etc
Local November 28, 2019
I lived in and love Kerem HaTeimanim. It is very central, near Shuk HaCarmel, the beach and transportation. has some apartments there accomodating four.
Also Florentin with the best grafitti in the city, pubs and nightlife but not transportation.
Also join Secret Tel Aviv which has a great event newsletter.
Welcome and enjoy!
Local November 28, 2019
For bauhaus - rotshild boluvard is the best.
Local November 27, 2019
I will recommend on neve tzedek
Or in the center of tel aviv
(Around rabin square)
Have fun
Traveller November 27, 2019
South TLV is hipsterish and artsy, and can also be cheap. On the other hand it can be a bit more rough.
I would stay somewhere in the center, in the streets between Rotchild blvd and king George. It’s a bit more expensive, but more organized, beautiful streets with a lot of bauhouses and close enough to the south area.
Anywhere in the area of the Norman hotel or Hotel Montfiore would be really good.
If you do want to go souther but now too much, you can also try Neve Tzedek which is very beautiful and more fancy.
If you are ready to more extreme south vibe stay in the lewinsky market area.
Local November 27, 2019
Around Rothschild Avenue would be highly recommended, great fun and easy access to best Bauhaus examples. Brace yourself, TLV is expensive.
Local November 27, 2019