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Savety in Tel-Aviv

By Traveller June 14, 2017
Tel Aviv

Savety in Tel-Aviv

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By Lukas Traveller June 14, 2017

my friends+me (m, german) consider coming for a couple of days over new year. one of my friends has serious security fears. what du you think? is it safe? could you give arguments to convince my friend? thank you in advance

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I think that your friend has a point but let me explain. The security risk is mostly associated with the Israeli Palestinian conflict for which all non Jewish tourists are not really a part of. So my advise is as follows:
1. Tel Aviv is much safer than Jerusalem, stay in Tel Aviv and surroundings, do not go to Jerusalem unless it is an organized tour. Almost all attacks happened in Jerusalem.
2. Do not carry any Jewish symbols on you, nothing in Hebrew, no Jewish jewelry , T-shirt etc. If you are perceived as Christian or Muslim then no one will approach you.
3. Do not go to very crowded places, terrorists carry their attack in very crowded locations, as to inflect damage to as many people they can. They will not carry an attack on individuals - that would be a waist of their effort.
4. Arriving to ISRAEL it would be recommended to visit Eilat (Red Sea), Dead Sea and Sea of Galile, those locations are very popular among tourists and never there was any attack in those places as the terrorism in ISRAEL is directed against the occupation and not related to ISIS unlike what is commonly seen in Europe.

5. Aside from Palestinian terror you should be pretty safe, e.g. general crime rate is quite low in ISRAEL.

I hope this is helpful information for you.
Local June 14, 2017
What is going on with these answers? Do you people actually live here? I live in Tel Aviv and it is a great city, there is no war going on, no scary people lurking on the streets, no danger at all. you are much more likely to be in a car accident or pickpocketed or basically anything else than be attacked here. People are very friendly. You can of course walk around the city with a cross or a Star of David on your neck and NOTHING will happen!!! Get a grip people. I am literally shocked at your answers. Don't let them scare you, lots of people come here every year as tourists and have a great time, the city has great beaches and wonderful food and shopping... with that being said, Jerusalem is not the same, and some areas are safe but you should check in advance so you don't wander off to the wrong neighborhood.
Local June 15, 2017
Israel is one of the safes places.
The issues in tv is becuase the news is trying to make news from every thing....there were much more issues in uk and france in the last year than in Israel in the last few years.
Go to tel aviv and the dead sea, jerusalem and Galiley is so beautiful.
Becuase israel has such experience with security we are very experienced and most of the issues are in the places that you will never go to...
You can also ask arround people that were here there are hundreds of German tourists here and also a lot of Germans that leave in Israel, i have two friends that are married to Germans...
So come and enjoy...i have been in a lot of countries arround the world (around 30) and israel is one of the best 5 to be, clubs, culture, history, beaches, veiws...and amazing warm people...
Its a no brainer...
Local June 15, 2017
Hi Lukas
I can't convince anybody about anything,
But just wanted to let you know that Tel Aviv is great! It's fun and cool and people are friendly and food is amazing
And the city has nothing to do with how it is presented in the media
Local June 15, 2017
I feel it is essential to make some things clear here.

While the danger of war coming is, unfortunately, VERY real, nonetheless I have NEVER witnessed any such person-on-person ethnically-motivated attack in Tel-Aviv. Nor aren't there any stones thrown or fires started. You and your friends can wear whatever crosses and stars you may like there, doubt if anybody would even notice.

Jerusalem, then again, is a VERY different story. Some parts of it, ARE an actual battlefield, between jewish and arab madmen and I, for one, do my best NEVER to go there - or, if necessary, then to a VERY limited area (nowhere NEAR the old town!!) and for as brief a time as possible.

Nonetheless, should a full-scale war break out, NOWHERE would be safe.
Thanks everyone for your answers and advice! We will be coming but most likely without our friend :(
Traveller June 21, 2017
Tel-Aviv is a liberal, cosmopolitan and safe city. Anyway, when you make the reservation it's always better to order with an option for canceling or changing. When things get raging, it's just unpleasant and inconvenient but it's safe, and still, it's usually long for a short time and so in such kind of cases, it's better to come afterward. I wouldn't take Daniel's demagogic things too seriously.
Local Expert June 19, 2017
Well, pal... Jewish new year, is in about three months. Global new year, in more than six.

This is the Middle-East.

EVERYTHING can happen, within SUCH an unbelievably immense time-period... Just about EVERYTHING.

I would predict we are going to be thrust into a new, bloodier war than we have EVER experienced, by our "government" of raving maniacs and complete madmen. But, then again, I may be mistaken (sure hope I am).

Anyway, best for you must be NOT to come here, until some things (especially regarding the psychopath currently generally defined as our prime-minister...) are getting clearer. As, if I were you, I would not have even DREAMED of visiting Israel right now.
Local June 15, 2017
I don't know if I can convince anyone,
But just want to let you know that Tel Aviv is nothing like what you see on the news!!
It's fun and hip and cool and the people are friendly and the food is amazing
And all I can say is don't believe the media
Local June 15, 2017