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Hello ! me and my friend are planing to visit Tel Aviv

By Traveller November 14, 2017
Tel Aviv

Hello ! me and my friend are planing to visit Tel Aviv

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By Nino Traveller November 14, 2017

Hello there, we are planning to visit Tel Aviv for a week in December or in the beginning of January - what time will be batter. We would like to see must see and visit places including Jerusalem. Could anyone here please advise any tips, cheap accommodation options, we are on budget. We could also consider to hire a local as our travel guide, with small Russian language skills also. Thank you.

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Hi Nino,
I would recommend December, because January will probably be colder.
For accommodation I recommend Airbnb, it's cheaper than most hotels in Israel.
Plan your visit to Jerusalem so it's not on Friday-Saturday (most places in Jerusalem are closed on those days because of Shabbat).
For a travel guide, try to ask in the facebook group called "secret tel aviv".
For cheap places to eat in, I recommend using the "Tripadvisor" app.
also, taxi drivers here tend to over charge tourists. Insist on using a meter when you get in a taxi - they have to use it if you ask them to. Other than that, bicycle is a great option for exploring Tel Aviv.
Good luck and enjoy your visit to Israel!
Local November 14, 2017
Hey Nino,
weather in TLV during those months is not bad (check monthly averages online).
you could catch some rainy days, but nothing that will stop you from exploring the city and enjoying what it has to offer.

I'd suggest chossing the 0time of arrival based on events, forr example, during Hanuka (a jewish holiday) you will find plenty of great parties and events, enjoy traditional sweets and more.

Jerusalem- I highly recommedn taking the sandman walking tours (look them up online). they have great tours that I made myself.
I highly recommend you to visit Jerusalem NOT on Friday or Saturday, you'll be way better off coming any other day of the week.

Accommodation- TLV (and Israel in general) is highly expansive, and so is the accommodation. if you want to stay in the city center, I recommend Abraham hostel which is located very good, or airbnb if possible in the Rothschild blvd. area.

Local November 14, 2017
Hello Nino,
there is no real difference between January and December weather wise.
Israeli winter isn't a hard one.

if you have only one week i would suggest:
2 days Jerusalem.
2 days Tel aviv
1 day north of israel ( sea of galile Etc')
1 day dead sea and Mesada Mountain.

Cheap Accommodation is a problem in ISRAEL. Hotels here tend to be expensive in comparison to other places.

There is a chain of hostels called ABRAHAM HOSTEL which are the cheapest decent solution there is one in tel aviv and one in jerusalem.

hope this info helps you....

enjoy your visit!!!!


Local November 14, 2017
Try to come in December - January could be colder and rainy. Try to find an AirBnB close to the sea in Tel Aviv and one in Jerusalem. Russian should not be a problem - a lot of tour guides originaly come from Russia or Ucraine
Local November 14, 2017
Thank you !
What are the must see and visit places in Tel Aviv, just to fit in few days.
Nino Traveller November 14, 2017
Well, Nino, for recommendations regarding places to visit, see, eat, hang around etc. in Tel-Aviv, simply look through our reviews and tips here... that's what they're here for!! :-))
Hi Nino
For busget accommodation, you might concider couch serfing
Local November 14, 2017
Well, to begin with, you should be aware, that Israel - especially Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem - is very expensive. Tel-Aviv has quite a few cheap hostels, but the most of them are located in the worst area: that of the old and new central bus stations, which is full of crime of ALL the most dangerous sorts. AVOID THAT PART OF THE CITY, NO MATTER WHAT!!

Now, as for things to see = what are you more into? Nature, Ancient History, modern History, religious sites, Architecture...?
Local November 14, 2017
Thank you Danniel. We are more interested in culture, history, locals food, religious sites. Less nature.
Nino Traveller November 15, 2017
Well, in such case, as I said, simply start with browsing through the tips and reviews... Most of them are mine, by the way, so you can see them simply by checking my profile. :-))