Cover image of this place Καφωδείο Ελληνικό (Kafodio Elliniko)

Going back in time

Καφωδείο Ελληνικό (Kafodio Elliniko)

Why locals love it

In a quiet little road with trees, there's a very authentica place. Its name could be translated "Greek Coffee-Conservatory": it serves coffee during the day, whereas you can enjoy your drink listening to music at night. Its variety of beers is quite big. It has a very unique environment and it is popular to people of all ages.


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Why you should visit it

It looks a lot like a "kafeneio" (old coffee shop). The walls are filled with portraits of important greek people and black-and-white pictures of the city. You can enjoy traditional greek coffee in the morning or go listen live greek quality music at night. Don't miss it, it's a unique greek experience!

Special tip

On the second floor there are bookselves filled with books (although I'm not sure if there are non-greek ones) and some times even art exhibitions.

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