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I would like to know are there any ferries which go from Thessaloniki to a nearby island? I would also like to know ... Read more

Anna March 9, 2019 answer

I am visiting Thessaloniki from 15-18 March, 2019 and would like some advice on local hiking and running trails.

Bryan March 7, 2019 answer

Heya! What's the best way to get from the Thessaloniki Airport to Athitos? Is it possible to go straight with one bus... Read more

Gosia February 19, 2019 answer

we are 40 people and i want to find two restaurants , one for lunch and one for dinner. because we are too many peopl... Read more

December 19, 2018 answer

I am Diana from Romania and I want to come to Thessaloniki together with my husband for the New Year's Eve. We are lo... Read more

Diana November 16, 2018 answer

Some years ago I went with a tourist group to a restaurant in a forest on the hillside. The food was amazing, the ent... Read more

Lori October 27, 2018 answer

Hi we will be visiting Thessaloniki September 7-11 we want to visit old style bouzoukia where a group of singers sin... Read more

Caroline September 4, 2018 answer

εκδρομές σε γύρω περιοχές της θεσσαλονικής μέχρι 3 ώρες. τι περιοχή θα μου προτίνατε και τι μεταφορικό μέσο;

Georgia August 10, 2018 answer

Hi. Is there a bar crawl of some sort of organized nightlife event for tourists who travel alone?

Evelin August 4, 2018 answer

Hello friends, Thank you all for your precious advices making my trip to Thessaloniki wonderful 3 months ago. I ma... Read more

Nergis July 25, 2018 answer

hello guys, i'm coming to thessaloniki,this weekend, 6- 7- 8th of july. i'm asking what can i do, see, eat, ...well h... Read more

Jimmy July 4, 2018 answer

Kalimera, my daughter has a "I love Rhodos"-bracelet (rubber, silicons) and works at restaurant Saloniki in our homet... Read more

Jack May 19, 2018 answer

Hi My Trip to Thessaloniki has been planned for 10th of May to 14th of May and I want to visit places that are relat... Read more

Avi May 2, 2018 answer

My wife and myself traveling for the first time to Greece. We are staying in Mediterranean Village Resort in Parilia ... Read more

Joven April 19, 2018 answer

Hi all, i am looking for a cosy local place for eating sea foods and "orektiko" and maybe a taverna. Efcharisties

Nergis April 18, 2018 answer

I'm just asking somewhere playing international müsic, not Greek or electronic. Many thanks Aysin

Hey guys, Can you please tell me shops where I could buy some cool posters and some cools prints ?

Mari September 20, 2017 answer

Guys, Can I watch a movie in Cinemas in english ? and where Can I watch it in Thessaloniki?

Mari September 18, 2017 answer

My friend and I are planning to go to Katerini tomorrow. Can you please tell me where the bus stop is, do they go ev... Read more

Mari September 13, 2017 answer

My friend and I would like to meet someone who can show us the city by night and tell us more about the student life ... Read more

Remy September 9, 2017 answer

My brother is coming for studies. His school is IEK AKMI at tsimiski street. Which areas shall we look for an apartment?

Hi, could you please recommend a couple of good restaurants for fish ? Also may be a few places to have a drink and t... Read more

George August 18, 2017 answer

I would like to get information about Halkidiki beaches, renting a boat and possible hiking (Meteora and Mount Olympu... Read more

Nora August 14, 2017 answer

A train service goes from Thessaloniki to Veria (about 45 minutes), Edessa (1.5 hours) and finally Florina (2.5 hours... Read more

Grey July 4, 2017 answer

I was thinking of spending one week in Thessaloniki in September or October 2017 but have heard that the city is very... Read more

Grey June 28, 2017 answer

Is it possible to visit Kavala as a day-trip from Thessaloniki using public transport (bus or train)? Am interested i... Read more

Grey June 27, 2017 answer

We will visit Orthodox churches and monasteries while in Thessaloniki. What is the correct Greek language greeting to... Read more

Grey June 27, 2017 answer

Can anyone recommend any cafes where it's possible to order proper traditional Greek coffee, made using a briki?

Grey June 27, 2017 answer

Does anyone know of any traditional local Greek or Macedonian dishes (or pies, cakes, sweets etc) which are vegan (no... Read more

Grey June 27, 2017 answer

Can anyone recommend somewhere in Thessaloniki to hear ladino songs (e.g. in the Savina Yannatou / Primavera En Salon... Read more

Grey June 27, 2017 answer

Hello, we are looking for a restaurant with garden for a wedding lunch. It may be in the jungle, around Panaromia. Co... Read more

Hi there, we're a group of 8 tourists thinking to visit Thessaloniki. We'd like to do our visit at end of August, e... Read more

Alin June 2, 2017 answer

We are 2 women coming to Theassloniki 25th May. We want a local to show us around the best places, we´re very intere... Read more

Sabine April 30, 2017 answer

Dear Greek Freinds of mine, I will be very happy if you can assist me on my request. I am foreign citizen who want... Read more

Julijana April 7, 2017 answer

I am coming to Thessaloniki in May to check out the start-up community. How can I meet people in the community or stu... Read more

Alan April 4, 2017 answer

Do you have the beach in the Thessaloniki or we should go to other islands? How can we get there from the city?

Nino September 20, 2016 answer

Do you have any suggestion for dinner but wanna eat mezze and drink ouzo? I saw many restaurant but so tourusrical an... Read more

Derya September 4, 2016 answer

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