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looking for a german speaking guide in Timisoara

By Traveller June 1, 2020

looking for a german speaking guide in Timisoara

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By Martin Traveller June 1, 2020

Hello local-guides in Timisoara, my name is Ulrich. I live in Verden, a small town in nothern Germany 40 kilometres from Bremen and 110 from Hamburg. I want to make a journey to Timisoara in the period of time from end July to end of August. I`m looking for a german(!) speaking person. I didn`t found any information about your languages. Do you speak German? Your german must not be perfect! I`m not looking for a professional guide! I need your support for 3 days and 9/10 hours per day. Of course all things will be paid. My interest are the actual situation in your town, social/daily life, economic, politic, art and cultur, meeting people, local restaurants and cafes. I`m not interested in luxury things, restaurants with five stars and so on. So, how can be the prozedure(?): please contact me in skype. My Skype-name: Ulrich Fitzke (There will be only me!) All further things/decisions we will discuss. I`ll be happy about your message! Heartly regards from Germany, Ulrich

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Hello Martin,
Nice to hear that you are planning to visit Timisoara. Unfortunately, I am not good in German, only English and French.Indeed, I am an authorized guide in Romania, but due to the fact that I don't know German, I can not help you. I can forward your message to my colleagues and I hope somebody will help you.
Have a nice staying in the city and if you want also to meet locals while being in the city, follow the facebook page Living in Timisoara ( MEET & SPEAK is another project of mine where people are meeting to practice foreign languages in bars/restaurants).
Local June 2, 2020
Hello Cristina, thank you for your message! ! It would be great if you forward my request. Please note, I`m not looking for a professional guide and german knowledges must not be perfect. I`ll have a look to facebook. (Further messages via Skype if possible) I`ll let you know if I will be successful. Heartly greetings!
Unfortunately, I don,t speak any german

All the best,
Local June 2, 2020
Hello Ulrich, i do not know any german speaking guide tours for Timisoara unfortunately. I can ask friend who speaks german(fluently) and has worked the odd job in tourism with people from Germany coming to visit Romania, but i don't remember him knowing the history of Timisoara for example. I can ask that would not be an issue.
I speak a bit of German, i would be able to help you so long as you dont mind me speaking slow and having a dictionary with me...ha ha...but i will enquire with other people to see if they can help you with your visit. Unfortunately i think that my skills are not enough to paint you the correct image of this nice town. Ping me in a day or two to see if i could find you the help.
Hello Andrei, thank you! As I wrote: the german-speaking guide must not be perfect in German and it should not be a professional guide and special knowledges about Timisoara are not requested. The guide should be open minded of course and interested in culture and common art.
Hello Martin, i spoke with a friend. He is not a guide but he does speak German fluently and at least you will be able to communicate well. He says that he will contact you today.
Thank you Andrei! Your friend should contact me in Skype. My Skype-name: Ulrich Fitzke. The pic of me is the same as here. Thanks!