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Activities for a group of friends

By Traveller January 9, 2017

Activities for a group of friends

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By Rob Traveller January 9, 2017

My friends and I are going to Timisoara in October this year.
Now we're looking for some great activities, do you guys have some recommendations?

We are with a group of in total 10 guys, arrive on friday and leave on monday.

We like all sorts of stuff from active to more laidback.

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Hi Rob,

I just saw your post, so here are my 2 cents on this matter.

Let's break it down a bit since I don't know what activities you and your mates like to do and a group of 10 would have a diverse list of preferences.

1. If you are the clubbing type: Timisoara has a lot of places where you can party, depending on the music that you like. Some examples:
a. Fratelli: cool place to have a party, reservations for a table should be made. A lot of beautiful women come here and it is close to the Student Campus
b. Epic/Epic Outdoor(vara): Now since summer is really long in Romania this place will still be open and it is really a cool place to party
c. La Capite: this is an outdoor place where you can listen to live music, have some traditional fieldwork food and drink beers (the problem with this location is the weather if it rains, there are few places where you can hide from it)

2. Activities (non party related) that you can do with your friends:
a. go for a Timisoara sight seeing tour
b. enjoy the local pubs and restaurants (visit trip advisor for the best)
c. go on bike tours from Timisoara all the way to the Serbian Border (on the way there is a nice Orchard that serves drinks and soul food)
d. try the local shooting range

It is difficult to point out what you would enjoy here, but if you need additional help, just post some topics that are interesting for you and I will try to help you out.

All the best
Hi Rob,

I am a tour guide and I am offering great day trips with departure from Timisoara. I can guarantee memorable activities, that are not very common and you will have lots of fun.

These 2 options are the most fun and the most wanted:

1: Danube Gorge day trip– Nature, Beauty, History
We’ll spend our day at the most beautiful part of the Danube, The Danube Gorge. (Cazanele Dunarii).
The old Danube will mesmerize us with the stories, the impressive history, and the stunning landscapes with the trail carved through the mountains.
Highlights include Tabula Traiana, Decebal’s head (the highest rock sculpture in Europe) and Veterani cave.
The plateau of Ciucaru Mare (318 m) reveals a different perspective. We will do a short hike, above the boilers, which will offer an amazing view over the big river surrounded by big and impressive rock walls.
We also have in plan the beautiful and wild Ponicova cave, which has a spectacular exit at the Danube.

2: Remote mountain villages in Cerna Mountains
How about a trip back in time? You may find this hard to believe but at only 2 hours from the civilization we will find hamlets that are completely isolated, without electric power, no roads, the only points of access are wooden 4 ladders, vertically attached on the rock. Oh well, they really exist, and they are not a touristic trap.

Where: Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park
Highlights: remote mountain villages, landscape, lunch with the locals, thermal bath

Local January 9, 2017