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Fun, drinks and women

By Traveller August 25, 2016

Fun, drinks and women

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By gabi Traveller August 25, 2016

Where can get fun, drinks and meet nice people?

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Hei Gabi,

Well you haven't mentioned any preferrences so I will make a list for you:
#1: Zai Social Deck: This one is on the Bega River, close to the center of the city. Has really nice vibe, a lot of cool relaxed people (they have hammocks and bean bags as chairs).
#2 D'arc pe mal: This one is situated diagonally from Zai Social Deck, and brings a lot of young and interesting people. Music is great, drinks even better and you can find people of all colors and nationalities
#3 La Capite: Prepare yourselves for a night of fun in hey :) Literally "Capite" is hey stack in Romanian. People of all ages come here for drinks and socializing and sometimes they even have live music or concerts. They also serve authentic Romanian peasants food stuffs that really go down good after a few beers. (Bulevardul Vasile Pârvan 9, Timișoara 300223)

#4 Ambasada: This one is a little farther from the center, but trust me if you are the corporate type, this is the place to go. It is run by ex corporate workers fed up with life in a multinational company. Many anti-system or relaxed people come here for a little rest and relaxation. (Strada Anton Seiller 2)

I have marked for some of them the exact address in brackets. Should you require more help just let me know. The problem is that there are so many choices in Timisoara, i don't know where to start, but if you have something in mind, write me back and I will give you additional information.
Local Ambassador August 26, 2016
Hi Maia,

thanks for the tip.
Traveller August 25, 2016
I recommend a place called Aethernativ.It's in courtyard in Piaţa Unirii. The street name is Mărăşeşti. On weekends they have parties and there are alot of people. The place has a student/artsy vibe, but because it's summer it may not be so crowded.
Local August 25, 2016
I will visit Timisoara for the first time with a friend of mine, so we have no idea where we can spend nice time. We will stay for 4 nights, so any recomendations?