Cover image of this place Zai Social Deck

A relaxing bar on the Bega shore

Why locals love it

Since opening Zai Socal Deck brings a lot of people together. The place is largely hand-made, sports relaxing atmosphere, has a distinct menu and a laid-off vibe. Even for lone travelers, this place facilitates the meeting of strangers in a foreign land and makes it so easy for people to just chat.


Why you should visit it

Come for the beer and stay for the cocktails. The relaxing vibe that you get once you are there with the chill out music makes this place worth visiting. You can just grab a beer and relax in a beanbag on the shore of the Bega river.

Special tip

If you are in the mood for a treat, try the mango lemonade. It is very good. Just don't take it too sugary.

Zai Social Deck
Malul Canalului Bega
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