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Feel the beat

Beat Café

Why locals love it

Beat Café is a place where cult bands like the Smiths are honored as they should be, drinks are cheap, mostly expat regulars happy to chat, and the friendly staff can give valuable hints on the latest and coolest hangouts in town.



Why you should visit it

Don’t know where to start your fun night out in the busy Shibuya? Slightly intimidated by the Japanese-only environment? Join the funky hipster crowd in Beat Café! Be aware – the otherwise dimly lit and relaxed little bar can become very busy at weekends when locals and expats alike gather in their favourite watering hole.

Special tip

Don’t forget to check out the events and live bands in the 2nd floor bar Echo.

Beat Café
3F, 33-13-3, Udagawa-Cho, Shibuya, Tokyo
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