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Sushi chef experience

By Traveller March 29, 2018

Sushi chef experience

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By Bruce Traveller March 29, 2018

I am planning to visit Tokyo in April and want to experience a true experience eating sushi. I know there are plenty of options in Japan, but I want something you would like at 3 star Michelin restaurant like Sushi Saito. Obviously, I am late and cannot make reservation now. Is there place I can go or someone can help make reservation that will give an experience like Sushi Saito whether it be a Michelin 2 or 1 star restaurant? Please let me know. Thank you.

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Michelin restaurants are not necessarily satisfying us!
I moved to Tokyo from my hometown Hokkaido many years ago, and still have complain about Sushi and noodle in Tokyo.

Still I have a favorite Sushi restaurant in Tokyo whose name is Suzuki-suisan "鈴木水産". It is a small restaurant without Michelin stars for locals who likes seafood. I can feel the taste like Hokkaido there. I think the chef have good method to cook fresh fish. Of course many kinds of raw fish, Sashimi are very good. but I like its boiled fish, Nitsuke.

Located outside Tsukiji fish market, surprisingly I have not seen foreign tourists who visit fish market. If the staffs cannot speak English and you have difficulty, I would be sorry.



Local March 29, 2018
Perfect! I will check it out now. Thank you so much. :-)
I know a good one in Kanazawa maybe can give it a try
Local March 29, 2018
Do you have the name of the place or how I can make reservation?