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Spice Ice

Why locals love it

Spice Ice is Finland's leading ice cream parlor with around 30 points around Finland. Established in 2007 this ice cream bar is a central sight in shopping malls. Inspire Finns of all ages to create their own dream ice cream and delight in full enjoyment.



Why you should visit it

Spice Ice ice cream bars are based on a comprehensive selection of ice cream as well as a comprehensive selection of side dishes. The cornerstone of Spice Ice's product range is the action packed Whirlwind, where Softis and your side dishes are spun into a delicious serving.

Special tip

Side dishes include hot and cold sauces, caramels, chocolate, fruits and berries.

Spice Ice
Kauppakeskus Rajalla På Gränsen (Länsiranta 10), 95400 Tornio, Suomi

Mon-Fr: 09:00-21:00

Sa: 09:00-19:00

Su: 12:00-18:00

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