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Toronto in August

By Traveller July 3, 2018

Toronto in August

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By Tiina Traveller July 3, 2018

We are coming to Toronto at the beginning of August for 4 days with my boyfriend.
We are looking for fun things to do and see. We are not that artsy people but more like fun & speed loving persons.

Not going to Niagara this time.

So, please, give me your best hints. Also recommendations for nice&cozy restaurants are highly appreciated.

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Link is some of the neighbourhoods that will have a nice for a meal depending upon your taste.

There are also some nice restaurant near the St. Lawrence market.

If you enjoy nature, then the Brickworks is a nice place to visit as it has various walking trails within the city and a farmers market.

Depending upon if you have a car we went to Elora gorge and Elora quarry for swimming. These are about 1.5-2 hours outside of toronto.

If haven't visited in a long time, go to the CN tower as they have renovated their viewing area. Also, you can do the skywalk.

There is Canada's wonderland, if you want an amusement park.

A visit to the Toronto island is a must. You can rent bikes and go all over the island.

Hope this has provide some ideas.
Local July 3, 2018
Hi Tiina,
Actually Toronto is a great place to visit. It is arguably the most diverse city in the world. Different and nice neighborhoods that will keep you busy for good for more than a week, not only four days.

My favorite are West Queen West, Kensington Market on Sundays, Chinatown, and Distillery District at night. Don't miss Balzac Cafe in the Distillery District. Roncesvalles Ave. is a good walk on Saturday morning.

My favorite restaurants are: Pomegranate Persian restaurant in downtown, K&B Sushi in Etobicoke, and Bellwoods Brewery in Ossington Ave.

You can have a night walk, and dinner in the Entertainment District, and spend a day in the Beaches. try Ed's real Scoop ice cream shop in the Beaches.

Toronto has different cuisines from all over the world. You pick your favorite cuisine and google the places to eat. Always check for suggestions, and for events that are going on during your visit.

You have to buy TTC transit passes from any subway station. Do not drive in Toronto :)

Enjoy :)
Local July 5, 2018
Hello! There are many things to do! There's Caribana, Harbourfront, the beaches (Cherry Beach, Ashbridge's Bay, Ward's Island Beach), the Toronto Islands. At the beach sites you can picnic and spend the day. Some sites (Ashbridges and Cherry) will have places to rent SUP/Kayaks. You can swim in any of the beaches. Harbourfront will have activities, great restaurants and you can board a schooner for a tour (day and evening, some include lunch/dinner). You can also rent a bike on the Toronto Islands and tour that way. I'm adding all the links below. I hope this information is helpful.
For a general site that will list all events/activities for any given date visit
Island Boat Tours:
Toronto Islands:
Ashbridges Bay Beach/Park:
Cherry Beach:
Harbourfront Canoe/Kayak Rental:
Ashbridge's SUP Rental:
Ashbridge's Kayak Rental:

I hope that helps!
Local July 4, 2018
At that time it will be the long weekend and the Caribana Parade and festivities will be going on. Also, there are a few beaches where you can picnic, rent a kayak or a SUP and chill on the beach all day. Harbourfront may have a few festivals and events, also. They usually do. Plus, the restaurant Amsterdam is great and right on the water. You can also do an Island Cruise from one of the schooners. They do daytime ones with/without lunch and evening ones with/without dinner. The website is a good place to visit for specific events happening that weekend. Additionally, you can visit regarding the boat cruises. If you want to visit the Toronto Islands, there is Ward's Beach, Centre Island and Hanlon's Point... you can take the ferry and rent a bike or just walk (can be a lot of walking) and picnic or purchase food while there. Here's the website for the Island activities. I hope that helps. Oh... if you like the Islands, which are really peaceful, you can look on airbnb - often there are places you could rent. Here's the link to the Caribana:
Local July 4, 2018
Hey Tiina,
Toronto is very much a city of neighbourhoods. I would suggest walking along Queen West from Spadina to Ossington Ave. The whole stretch has lots of boutique shops, cafés and restaurants. Trinity Bellwoods Park is a nice place to sit while you have ice cream

Kensington Market is also a fun neighbourhood and it borders China Town which is good for cheap, authentic food.

The Distillery District is also a nice historical area.

For more activity-based fun:
Snakes and Lattes- a boardgames café
Go to Toronto island and rent bikes or go to the beach.
Do an escape room- the ones at Casa Loma are really cool and you can join in with a bigger group.
Food tours- there are several companies , but I have to tell you that I run a small company that offers tours for sake, spirits, tapas, and pastries. (

Favourite restaurants:
Odd Seoul- a dive bar with korean tapas
Rum Corner- Haitian Tapas & rum-based cocktails
La Cubana- a colourful Cuban place that is good for lunch.
Pai- Best Thai food in the city.
Otto's Berlin Doner- awesome lunch (try 1/2 chicken, 1/2 halloumi) They also own a place called Otto's Bierhall which is more of a night time spot.
Dailo is another great restaurant for Asian Fusion, a little pricier but the chef's tasting for $65 is a really treat.
Saku Sushi is good value and good quality. Cozy, but not too fancy.
Beast is great for weekend brunch or dinner if you are a meat lover.
Many thanks to all of you! It will be an awesome trio, can’t wait!
Traveller July 3, 2018
Here are a few thoughts, but if you want something more specific, then just ask....There are a lot of really cool areas and places to go.

Kensington Market is a distinctive multicultural neighbourhood in downtown TO
Cute restaurant with open patio areas:
Toronto Island: Take a ferry to the island. Whats there is beaches, biking, and cultural events through the summer.
The Distillery district- dining, shopping, and cultural events
Rooftop Bar at the Broadview Hotel
CN Tower edge walk-
Korean Food:
The Danforth for a cool Greek area
Ossington- another diverse area;
Local July 3, 2018
CN Tower is a must, the Distillery district has great food and people watching. I would suggest a cooking school a visit to Chinatown, little Italy. As well check what concerts/theater is running and lastly our FC football team is great experince. For speed you might have to head out of the city.
Traveller July 3, 2018
Hey lady! Toronto is awesome - first weekend in August is the Caribana festival so check out the parade featuring funky costumes and MUSIC (afro-caribbean)! You can also check out Harbourfront for vendors and world foods - it's down by the waterfront so you can also jump on a mini $20 boat cruise for a couple of hours and enjoy the sites!

What kind of food do you enjoy? I usually still to vegan eats so for "healthy" comfort food check out FRESH on Eglinton or Spadina. For Greek food check out The Danforth (if you have a sweet tooth then you MUST try the Loukoumades - honey balls - from any of the many bakeries). For Caribbean food and nice vibes then check out Scotthill or The Real Jerk (Gerrard). For Thai food check out Pai (downtown Toronto) and for a nice patio check out anywhere in Yorkville.

Google Maps is your FRIEND so be sure to download an offline version of the city so you can get around. Any Uber/Lyft/Taxi driver will know all of these locations so hop in and be on your way! Enjoy your time in Toronto - it is a glorious city!
Local July 3, 2018
Oh, and are there any events going on 6-10.8?
Traveller July 3, 2018
Ohhhh I am not sure if you like stage theatre but we also dhave Shakespeare in the Park @ High Park (easily accessible by transit). It's a pay-what-you-can outdoor theatre experience. I think Romeo and Juliet is playing this year! Bring a blanket and some snacks if it's your type of vibe.