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A cultural institution


Why locals love it

One of the oldest movie theaters in Sweden, Fyrisbiografen opened 1911 and it still show movies of high artistic quality from all over the world. We've all had unforgettable cinematic moments in the red chairs of this tiny movie theater.



Why you should visit it

Do you love movies and want to wander away from the beaten Hollywood track? Then Fyrisbiografen is your place! They feature a lot of European movies, but also Asian, Middle Eastern, American and African film. The movies are not dubbed, but subtitled in Swedish.

Special tip

Check the program, opening hours might vary!

Rundelsgränd 2A

Mon-Th: 18:00-22:30

Fr: 15:30-22:30

Sa-Su: 13:30-22:30

018-15 03 46
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